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SPI (Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação - is a
Portuguese consulting firm, created in 1997, with an excellent
understanding of public and private sectors and of how clients can
position themselves to foster innovation, be competitive and create
prosperity. We support the needs of our clients through the effective
management of knowledge and a range of well-established
capabilities across many fields. SPI’s ongoing success has resulted
in the creation of several companies and representative offices
worldwide - Portugal, Spain, Belgium, USA, China and Singapore.
SPI is well positioned as a facilitator of innovation with an emphasis
on Science and Technology and Territorial Development. Our
dynamic perspective allows us to intervene at a global level and to
continually increase our network of contacts, creating
organizational value for our clients. With 75 full-time consultants
representing a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds, the SPI
Group maintains an entrepreneurial minded team, which ensures
an effective and flexible response to every challenge.
SPI's clients include private companies (in the agro-food,
environment, energy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, education,
urban planning, IT and telecommunications sectors, aeronautics,
among others), business and professional associations, science
and technology organizations (including universities and research
centres), national governments, local and regional administrations
and international development agencies (such as the European
Commission, World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank and
United Nations Development Programme).
With a growing capacity, professional network and interest in the
market of Southeast Asia, SPI set up a Representative Office at
the Singapore Science Park located on the campus of the
National University Singapore (NUS) in 2013. This is a major step
in the further development of SPI activities in Southeast Asia,
building upon SPI’s extensive presence in China and ongoing
project activities in the region. SPI aims to expand its experience,
expertise and professional network in Southeast Asia.

Applications should be directed via email to Dr. Sara Medina at with the subject Application for SPI Singapore
Chief Representative Officer. Only short-listed candidates will be
contacted for interview. Deadline: 14th February 2016.




Manage the daily operations of SPI Singapore
Representative Office
Conduct market research in different sectors in Singapore
and other Southeast Asian markets
Develop and execute growth strategies for acquiring new
clients and expanding SPI’s Singapore activities in
Southeast Asia
Develop proposals to potential private and public clients
Support in development of project deliverables and
activities in projects funded by the European Commission
and other international organizations
Recent graduation (up to 5 years of work experience)
Masters or PhD graduates preferred
Good knowledge of international business and development
Solid academic/research background
Basic knowledge on international Science, Technology and
Innovation collaboration between ASEAN and Europe
Excellent command of spoken and written English and
preferably another Southeast Asian language (Bahasa
Malaysia/ Indonesian/ Thai/ Vietnamese/ Mandarin)
Organizational, research and analytical skills
Good knowledge of the Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and
Power Point)
Commitment to quality work and a sense of responsibility
Capacity to work in a multi-cultural environment
Pro-active attitude with flexibility and willingness to learn
Applicants must have a residence permit to work in
Singapore (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent
Residence (PR) only).

The Application Package dossier should contain the following
• Standard CV in English
• Letter of Motivation.

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