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Solène Barbot

Business management skills,
teamwork and decision
making skills, reliability.

Via Pietro di Pietramellara, 12,
20158 Milano
Nationality: French
Age: 21

Highly imaginative with many
innovative ideas.

Anything I do, I want to do it

(+39) 348 297 4348


Receptionist – Hotel Guitart Central Park – Lloret de mar (SPAIN)
Interacting with customers, welcomed customers, checked in, checked out, guidance, 3 languages used daily. 2
months’ internship about the design of communication media: 2 company brochures of the hotel and its

Casher – Centre Leclerc – Saint grégoire (FRANCE)
Responsible for the counting cash, cashing, setting in ray

04/2014 –

Model – Lili M – Nantes (FRANCE)

Poses for fashion shows hairstyle, catalogs, advertising campaign


IM4 (International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management) – MIP
Politecnico di Milano – Milan (ITALY). Current average grade: 27,6/30.
Basics of Management, Market Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Decisions, Strategic Brand Management, CrossCultural issues in Marketing, Marketing tools & Big data, Communication, Creativity & Innovation.
Class represented by 12 countries.

Bachelor in International Business Management
AIT - Athlone Institute of Technology
– Athlone (IRELAND). Passed with Upper Second Class Honors 67%.
Business Management, Market Research, Managerial Finance, Irish Studies, Spanish Business, International Marketing
& Sales Management.

DUT GEA - Higher National Diploma of Business management and administration
IUT Rennes 1 (FRANCE). Passed with 13.121/20 (12th/94)

09/2015 –



Finance, Marketing, Law, Taxation, Psychology, Economy, Communication, Logistic, Supply Chain Management





Entrepreneurship Project: Supporting freelancers of the project to establish the ready-to-wear franchise
"Nara Camicie" in the center of Rennes. Team project achieving a business plan and presentation to
Winning project of the promotion among the school teams and second among the best teams of the
country’s schools. In charge of the market analysis (suppliers, competitors, prices, customers), definition of
pricing, margin and budget strategy.
Winner of the "Marketing Challenge" scholarship of 3,000€ proposed by MIP Politecnico di Milano for the
IM4 program.
Subject: exporting the Piadina sandwich to our country proposing an innovative and profitable
business model.


Computer skills

French: Mother tongue.
English: Fluent (TOEIC:
Spanish: Intermediate.
Italian: Basic, level A2

Microsoft Office (Word,
Powerpoint, Excel, Access),
Open Office, My SQL
(database), Adobe, Mac,






Additional Information
- Driving license
- Sports: Horse-riding, Hockey in-line
- Associations: Management of events &
communication for the International
Committee in AIT school.

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