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CIF- New Zealand
Exchange programs 2016
Program Dates: 28 October to 25 November 2016
Number of participants: 4-6
Eligibility for participation:
Successful candidates should:
• be professionally qualified and employed in social work or a social work
related area
• have a minimum of two years professional experience
• be able to understand and speak English at a level which will allow you to
fully participate in the programme
• be able to attend for the entire program
Accommodation - Host Family Living:
Participants will live with host families, who provide all meals. Host family
living is an important part of the programme and provides a great way
to experience the New Zealand way of life.
Financial Terms:
Participants are asked to contribute NZ$500.00 as a registration fee, which
is used to cover the costs related to the running of programme, including
domestic travel. Please note that no grants can be provided to participants.
Participants pay their own travel expenses to and from New Zealand and their
personal expenses, including international phone calls.
Participants are required to apply in their country for a visa (if necessary).
Participants are responsible for their personal effects and health
insurance which must be secured before arrival in New Zealand.
Completed applications should be sent to your CIF branch or contact person.
We welcome your application which needs to be with us by 30 March 2016.

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