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Huitres Gratinées au Sabayon de Champagne

Ingredients :
• 2 Dozen of large
• 20 cl of
• A tablespoon of
crème fraiche
• 2 Stalks of Dills
• 100 g of Salmon
• Salt, Pepper

Steps :
1. Open oyster and remove them from
shells over a saladbowl to get back the
water, leak out and pour it into a pan
2. Make shiver, plunge oysters there 30
seconds, then drain them in reserving
the water.
3. Rinse the hollow shells under the tap
waterand arrange them in an oven dish
on a layer of cooking Salt
4. Place oyster in each Shell
5. Prepare the Sabayon : Put back the
oyster in the pan, add the Champagne,
salt slightly, pepper, bring to a boil, let
reduce 3 minutes and take away from
the fire.
6. In another Pan, whip egg Yolks until
they are sparkling. Add the mixture
without stopping whipping, add the
crème fraiche, whip a few seconds, then
take away from the fire
7. Distribute the Sabayon on each oyster,
light the grill of the oven, put the dish
inside the oven and make gild 2
8. Remove from the oven, put on each
oysters some stalks of dill, and a coffee
spoon of Salmon egg and serve.

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