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Why were bags under the eyes?
How are bags under the eyes? What are the factors that favor their appearance? How can
we heal?
Whether it is small pockets or bags genuine, these skin growths correspond to the lower
They serve to protect the eye and to distribute the tears that form the tear film over the entire
surface of the eye. This is a very sensitive area, it is estimated that the skin is five times
thinner than the rest of the body. The skin also contains far fewer support fibers.Yet this area
is requested over 15,000 times a day, every wink.
With age, the skin and the fibers are relaxed. The blood and lymph vessels that feed the area
also operate at idle, the trade is bad. So there is water retention: the eyelids swell.If you add
to that the lack of sleep, fatigue, or stress, you multiply your chances of having bags under
the eyes. In some people, a kind of "landslide" is observed.
The eyeball is composed of muscles to raise and close the lid. Between the skin and muscle,
there is fat that allows the eye to turn more easily within the orbit. This amount of fat and
location may vary from one person to another. Sometimes it can slip into the lower eyelid
which creates swelling: these are the bags under the eyes.
In the most extreme cases, there may be surgery, blepharoplasty. It removes small fat bags
under the lower eyelid. The result is immediate because the incisions are made in the inner
part of the eyelid. The pockets do not reappear before fifteen years. For more click here

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