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Team Trade and Yseop have signed a strategic partnership agreement to
help large companies in the financial field with the digitalization of
business processes
Paris, 25 February 2016 - Team Trade - A Synechron company specializing in software
integration and business consulting and Yseop a business intelligence software vendor that
offers companies a digitalization solution for business processes have signed a strategic
partnership agreement.
The partnership covers the configuration and deployment of Yseop’s artificial intelligence
software, which reasons, dialogs and writes like a human being but at the speed of
thousands of pages per second. Its aim is to provide a single solution that meets the digital
transformation needs of companies in the financial services industry.
Team Trade will contribute its proven expertise in the design and implementation of
business solutions since 2000.
« For the past several years, Team Trade has viewed Yseop as a disruptive force and will
rely on this partnership to develop a center of excellence dedicated to building financial
solutions based on Yseop’s unique technology. We are confident that this partnership will
enable both Team Trade and Yseop to successfully deliver larger-scale projects», declared
Pascal Rellier, CEO of Team Trade.
« We are delighted to join forces with Team Trade in a strategic alliance providing our
customers with quality resources in the field of financing that will enable them to accelerate
the large-scale deployment of their business applications based on Yseop technology. Team
Trade has proven its ability to work in cooperation with leading software solution companies
in the banking sector, which is a guarantee of success for our customers» added John
Rauscher, CEO of Yseop.
About Team Trade - A Synechron company
Team Trade is a leading business consultancy and IT services company dedicated
exclusively to the financial services industry. It assists clients with the organization and
construction of their information systems. Over the past several years, Team Trade has
acquired extensive expertise in the field of financial software solutions. Founded in 2000,
Team Trade has today subsidiaries in Geneva, Luxembourg, London, Milan, Montreal, New
York, Novi Sad, Singapore and Sydney.
Team Trade joined Synechron in December 2014, the largest pure-player consulting and
outsourcing provider for the financial services industry. Synechron, founded in 2001 in New
York, has today 5.500+ professionals and operates in the US, Canada, Great-Britain, the
Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and
Australia. The company owns also development centers based in Pune, India.

About Yseop
Yseop was founded in 2007 and has offices in Paris, Lyon, London, New York and Dallas.
Its customers are mainly CAC 40 and Fortune 500 companies with 35.000 people currently
using its solutions on a daily basis. Yseop has received the BPI Excellence award and was
named in the 2014 Top Ten EBG.
For any further information, please contact:
Marketing & Communications
Team Trade - A Synechron company
Tel: + 33 1 42 65 90 90
Tiphaine COUPEL
Marketing Manager France
Tel: + 33 1 85 76 00 52

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