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Vote for us!!
“experience the French touch”

Being the new leadership of the French Connection would be as much of a privilege
as a responsibility. Our central goal is to improve the relationship between French
and international students. We don't want to be cut off from the university, to be a
small and closed group in this huge family. Instead, we want everyone to feel part of
a whole.
With the French Connection we aim for French students to mix and share their
culture with people from all over the world: anyone who wants it can be French in
Being a member of the French Connection means to be an integral part of a cultural
society. We want to be your exec, but without members, the society is pointless:
YOU are the French Connection.
To make the upcoming year unforgettable, here are some of our aims:
è To make events with several others societies
è To create new positions in the exec to improve the organization of the French
Connection (Social Media officer, Fundraising officer, Communication officer)
è To continue the cooking lessons and the French classes
è To create a recurrent “French Connection FED” with themes
è To organize epic nights out both in Colchester and in campus
è To organize social gathering where we will have the opportunity to get to know
each other better
è Organize dinners with traditional French food in order to you to discover the
French cuisine
è To organize activities such as games, sports (football…)
è And to organize movie nights with must-see French films

- Co-Presidents
Josephine Marouby
Do you want to be part of an amazing French journey? If the
answer is 'oui', I can help you! As opposed to the cliché, France is
not a dull country where people are grumpy and sad. I can assure
you that I am not this kind of French girl. That is why I am running
for the presidency of the French Connection. I want to share my
culture and my French spirit with all, in order for you to travel to
France without even leaving Essex. I always see the glass half full
and that is one of the reasons why I would lead this project
successfully. For the past two years, I have been preparing a
solidarity Scout project with five of my friends resulting in a humanitarian mission in
Madagascar this summer. This experience has taught me a lot about working in a
group, leading a project and surpassing difficulties.

Loïc Arnaud

Being president of the French Connection is an important issue for
me. Indeed, during high school, I used to lead groups of students
in different fields such as sports competition or events
organization. I would like to bring my experience to the Essex
French Connection in order to improve the relationship between
French and international students. Moreover, it could be a way for
me to bring new ideas and make your French experience better at
Essex. Moreover, I would love to make you discover our beautiful
culture. In other words, the French are coming!

- Vice president:
Agathe Dubuisson
As a French girl, I’m really proud of my country roots and I really
want you to discover it! I absolutely love this multicultural Uni and
my French culture. That’s why I’d like to get involved and
contribute to the development of the French way of life here. If I
would like to be Vice President it is not only to be the President’s
slave but also mostly because I want to do, organize and manage
many different things. Moreover, I really want to be a support for
the other society members, to help them in their work.
I’m sure we can make great things together!

- Treasurer:
Margaux Pfister
I would be thrilled to take part in the French connection as I love to
share my culture and the French way of life with others! I think I
would be fit for the treasurer position as have studied in a scientific
environment through my high school years and have always liked
dealing with money. The fact that I always have money on my
bank account at the end of the month may also be a good sign!

- Social secretary:
Guillaume Léonard
When it comes to socialize and gather to share a moment,
French people can be trusted. If you are part of the French
connection society this year, I can assume that the social aspect
of the society is an important matter for you as it is for me. Aware
of the importance and responsibility attached to it, I run for the
position of social officer. Indeed, I feel like I’m fully qualified to
hold these responsibilities and I strongly believe that I can
enhance your university experience in a significant way.

- Event secretary:
Judith Reboul
As a member of the French Connection Executive I would be
really excited to both make people discover our rich culture and
remind French expatriates of their roots.
I really want to make the most of this year to come, to be creative
and organise cooking and French lessons, movie nights and new
events while raising money for French and English charities.
I hope you are excited about next year, because I am!!

The people we need next year to make this experience even better:

- Social media officer:
Adrien Cassagneau
The social media officer will allow a better communication through
the French Connection page on Facebook. This way you can be
aware of all the event details at any time. Along with the existing
Instagram account, a snapchat account will be created in order to
constantly keep in touch with you guys. I will also post funny stuff
on Facebook and snapchat to keep you entertained

- Fundraising Officer:
Eleonore Mortini
I'm running to be part of the French Connection 2016/2017 and
I would like to occupy the post of Fundraising Officer. It consists
in the organisation of events in partnership with the social
secretary, in order to raise money for the society as well as for
charities. I am interested in this role as it is an opportunity for
the society to interact with charities while inviting students to
enjoy the simple pleasures of the French culture.

- Communication Officer:
Diane Seignat
With the creation of the « Communication Officer » position, we
aim to improve the society’s relationship to the University as
well as it’s interactions with other societies. This position would
allow a more effective organisation inside the French
Connection, and would foster the link between the society’s
leadership and it’s members.
With an outgoing personality, and having spoken both English
and French for as long as I can remember, I believe I can be a
competent Communication Officer.

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