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Thank you for using patient monitor.
In order to enable you to skillfully operate Monitor as soon as possible, we provide this
user’s manual with delivery. When you install and use this instrument for the first time, it
is imperative that you read carefully all the information that accompanies this instrument.
Based on the need to improve the performance and reliability of the parts and the whole
instrument, we sometimes will make some amendments to the instrument (including the
hardware and software). As a result, there might be cases of discrepancies between the
manual and the actual situation of products. When such discrepancies occur, we will try
our best to amend or add materials. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
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This manual contains exclusive information protected by copyright laws and we reserve
its copyright. Without written approval of manufacturer no parts of this manual shall be
photocopied, Xeroxed or translated into other languages.
The contents and version contained in this manual are subject to amendments without
The version number of this manual: D1