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Patient monitor user’s manual

Chapter 1 General Introduction
1.1 Intended use
The Monitor is used to monitor patient’s physiological parameters such as ECG、RESP、
SpO2、NIBP、IBP、TEMP、CO2 、AG and ICG continuously. It is intended to be used in
various hospital rooms such as Coronary Care Unit,Intensive Care Unit,Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room to provide additional information to medical and
nursing staff about the physiological condition of the patient.
It is not intended to be used in outdoor transport applications and used on neonate when
monitoring AG.

1.2 About this Manual
This user’s manual consists of the following chapters:
Chapter 1 gives an introduction to the content and the specific signs of this manual, the
main features and appearance of the monitor, the basic operations of various buttons, the
meanings of the signs on the monitor, specifications and performance criteria of the
monitor, the ambient requirements for the working and storage of the monitor.
Chapter 2 gives important safety notes Please do r ead this chapter before using the
Chapter 3 gives an introduction to the preparatory steps before using the monitor.
Chapter 4 provides general operation instruction for the monitor, including illustrations
of the screen display, normal selection for soft button on screen, details for entry of patient
data and trend maps, also.
Chapter 5 gives details of specific parameter measurement, preparatory steps, cables or
probes connection, setup of parameters, maintenance and cleaning of equipments and
Chapter 6 gives detailed description of system alarm, including level and mode of
alarm, default setting and changing procedure of alarm parameters, prompt of specific
alarms, and the general operation to carry out when an alarm occurs.
Chapter 7 gives detailed description of record function.
Chapter 8 gives general maintenance and cleaning methods of the monitor and its