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Resistance VS IRA .pdf

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Titre: Microsoft Word - Resistance VS IRA.docx

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Resistance VS IRA

Mission by 2RGT Oberst
Briefing by 2RGT Always
Graphic and Revision by 2RGT SiculoSannita

Since the summer of 2001, the British authorities knew the New IRA as group of Irish
national independence with strong appeal to the IRA forces. Scotland Yard had merely
monitored their activities, considering the independents group not prone to the violence.
Until then, they had propaganda through leaflets and on the web.

In November 3rd 2003 a small commando, armed with AK-47, has penetrated into the
residence of the Irish Minister of Defence, Sir John Nicholas Reynolds O’Brien, and
executed him on the spot. Few days later, the attack was claimed by the New IRA,
justifying the execution of the Minister as "a man without courage, who has never fought
for his country."

Photography of Sir John O’Brien, during his service in the British Army


They have been discovered intense contacts between a small Irish terrorist cell, with
reference to the IRA, and a known smuggler Belarusian.
The Royal anti-terrorist department has raised the state of alert to the maximum level,
activating the special squad “Resistance” which is already monitoring the situation.

About three hours ago, the smuggler has landed at a small airport southern to Belfast
with a private plane. The meeting has already taken place near the airport and now the
IRA cell owns the weapons and explosives. They concealed the material inside a bus that
will soon be moved to a nearby port of the Lecale peninsula. From there, the weapons
will be brought in a safe base by ship.



Map of Northern Ireland; the Lecale peninsula is highlighted.


Two Resistance squads are already moving under cover towards the suspected position of
the bus and a third one will be deployed as needed via helicopter. It is highly probable
that the terrorists have forces hidden in the area.

Map of the Lecale peninsula

Note: due to technical reasons, the map in use will be Chernarus.



BLUEFOR (Resistance): retrieve the bus before all the illegal weapons are extracted. The
IRA rendez-vous is expected at 21.20 (2h after the mission start) near the port of Ardglass
(Elektrozavodsk on Chernarus).

The Resistence forces must find and secure the bus. In order to secure the weapons and
explosives, the bus must be safely escorted to their FOB near to Ballynoe (Lopatin on
Chernarus, Charlie squad starting position).

OPFOR (New IRA): defend and extract all the weapons.

The New IRA forces must escort to the port of Ardglass (Elektrozavodsk on Chernarus)
and safely extract all the weapons by ship. The rendez-vous is at 21.20 (2h after the
mission start).

NOTE: a marker representing the extraction area is on the map. The bus must be within
the aforementioned area at least at the end of the mission in order to fulfil the victory


Alpha Team/8
1x Team Leader
1x Rifleman
2x Medic
1x Auto-rifleman
2x Grenadier
1x AT rifleman
Bravo Team/8
1x Team Leader
1x Rifleman
2x Medic
1x Auto-rifleman
2x Grenadier
1x AT rifleman
Charlie Team/9
1x Team Leader
2x Rifleman
2x Medic
1x Auto-rifleman
2x Grenadier
1x AT rifleman

Mangusta (Bus)/9
1x Team Leader
2x Medic
1x Sniper
1x Explosive expert (shotgun)
2x Auto-rifleman
1x AT rifleman
1x Sniper
Mangusta (Forest)/8
1x Team Leader
2x Medic
1x Explosive expert (shotgun)
3x Auto-rifleman
1x AT rifleman
1x Team Leader
2x Medic
1x Explosive expert (shotgun)
3x Auto-rifleman
1x AT rifleman



2 Civilian vehicles (Alpha)

2 Civilian vehicles (Mangusta, Bus)

3 Civilian vehicles (Bravo)

Bus (Objective)

1 Civilian vehicle (Charlie)

2 Civilian vehicles (Mangusta)

MH-6 Littlebird (Charlie)



OFCRA chooses the side on which to play


The opfor victory is achieved in case the bus is inside the marked area at the end
of the mission. It does not matter how much time the bus passes in the marked
area or when it arrives there. In other words, is possible to drive the bus in the
marked area even one minute before the end of the mission and achieve the


The bluefor victory is achieved when the bus reaches the bluefor base (Charlie
starting point)


No-respawn, elite mode


Duration 2 h


Spectator script available. Once dead, the player is kindly requested to join the
dedicated “Ghost” TS channel


The countryside south of Belfast was not evacuated. There is a civilian presence

The following table could help with the translation ENG-IT once in the mission lobby:
English Name
Team Leader
AT rifleman
Explosive expert (shotgun)

Italian Name
Team Leader or Capo Operazioni
Fuciliere di Supporto
Fuciliere AT
Sniper or Marksman


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