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who were eager to fulfill the large and the many smaller requests before they were
approached with them

Prof. D. M. Martin, retired professor at the Iowa State University, Department of
Materials Science and Engineering, Ames, USA, who developed a theory that sheds
light on a previous explanation for the phenomenon of ‘bollarding’ that came out after
many valuable suggestions were proposed

Dr. rer. nat. S. Nzahumunyurwa for essential programming of an image recording
program and interfacing with the hardware

Dipl.-Ing. F. G. Osthues from W. Haldenwanger, Technische Keramik GmbH & Co
KG, for machining of and valuable suggestions on alumina pistons

Mrs I. Sauer for electron microscope investigations allowing insight into the surface
topography of samples after completion of an experiment

Dr. rer. nat. C. Schröder for x-raying samples providing evidence of crystallization

the secretaries Mrs B. Gunkler-Steinhoff, C. Braatz and I. Speicher for coping with the

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Wagner for acting as second reviewer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) K. Weisser whose ingenuity in wiring and understanding data
acquisition hardware, in mastering computer problems and in beefing up hardware to
be interfaced with the MTS was indispensable.

Each individual contribution is sincerely acknowledged and will be remembered with thanks.
The joy of graduating from this institute is dimmed by the grim outlook of leaving behind the
friendly atmosphere among the group that helped to ease the course of this research. My
gratitude is likewise extended to faculty and staff of the ceramics department with whom the
lab was shared.
The author would be glad to respond if interested readers contacted him for details. A good
starting point would be to type in ‘Master Frank’ in some internet search engine.