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Introducing the Elite
Elite Mode





16 Character







Rotary Controller

LCD Display


The 17 button keyboard includes not only keys 0 - 9
which are alpha numeric, but other keys marked
LOCO, ACC (accessory), FUNCTION, ON/OFF,
MENU, ESCAPE and of course STOP! These
multi-function keys provide the basis for the
programming and functioning of up to 254
locomotives and 255 accessories including points.

The Hornby Elite Digital Controller incorporates
two rotary controllers which not only control the
assigned locomotives but also assist in registering each
model and accessory to the Elite. The controllers are
able to do this by a simple click and rotate procedure.

The liquid crystal display centred on the Elite has from
top to bottom - 3 mode indicators, 2 rows of 8
characters, train direction indicators, a speed indicator,
and a set of numbers 0 - 9 which show the functions
that are switched on in respect of locomotives under
direct control.

The Elite is supplied with a 4 amp transformer.
This provides the Elite with the possible capability
of running up to 10 locomotives at any one time.
However this quantity may vary depending on the
current draw of each locomotive.

The keyboard has the capability of entering into the
Elite’s memory the names and numbers of
locomotives and accessories as well as inputting the
various functions that the Elite offers. Using the
keypad locomotives can be addressed from 0 to
9999 and points or solenoid operated accessories
from 1 - 252 if assigned to a Hornby R8247
Accessory/Points Decoder.

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This method is also employed to add names and
locomotive numbers to the Elite display so that in place
of locomotives being identified with just their coded
number, abbreviated names and /or running numbers
can be used. The pressing of the Rotary Controlllers can
also determine which knob has control, the direction
of the locomotive’s travel plus point motor activation.
These are just a few of the functions that are associated
with the Rotary Controllers, however they do go some
way to illustrate the technical advances that the
Hornby Elite Digital Controller boasts.


The Elite supports up to 29 decoder functions which
are accessed through 5 display modes.
A clock is also included on the display which can be set
to real time or can be set up to 10X faster. Working
with the rotary controllers the display is able to keep
the operator fully up to date with the functions of the

Please note, if the AUX OUTPUT connection is used,
less power will be available for driving locomotives.