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Letter to my American friends.
Why you should not vote for D. Trump
Well, as a European, I am deeply concerned about D. Trump potentially winning the next American
presidential elections.
Seen from abroad, D. Trump's campaign first looked like a very bad reality show, with its main
character ticking all the cheap clichés, hate and prejudice boxes. Unfortunately, it is not a show but
it is real. D. Trump constantly insults minorities by referring to them not as Americans but as
Latinos for example reminding them that even though they may be Americans, in his eyes they are
still classified by their ethnic origin. He keeps telling the world so condescendingly how great and
how rich he is. But let's face it, if he was your daughter's boyfriend and when you met him for the
first time he told you how much richer and how much more educated he is than you, you’d probably
kick him out of your house and would ask your daughter to think again before dating guys who are
more in love with themselves (and their penis) than in love with her.
Apparently, he is also going to make America great again. Well America has not been waiting for D.
Trump, in order to be great and also it does not need him in order to be something that it already is.
America is great because of its people who shaped their country and wrote a constitution that has
guaranteed that every citizen would be free and equal. This is what it is to be American. To respect
your constitution and to act accordingly. By referring to his fellow citizens using their ethnic
background, Trump violates your constitution. You need to say stop to this.
Seen from outside, America is a wonderful country. It is beautiful, culturally varied and rich,
drawing its diversity from all the migrants ( D.Trump’s ancestors must have been European) that
have contributed to what America is today: a free nation, with a strong sense of justice, equality and
that wants to bring democracy to the rest of the world. America is a country where, if you believe
in the American dream, anyone can make it. Well this dream is dying with Trump. Like some of his
businesses Trump is more than happy to file for bankruptcy on freedom, banning people who have
certain religious beliefs (Muslims) to travel from and to his country in the name of safety. It is
simply against the first amendment of the American constitution which guarantees the freedom of
religion. Well as a Muslim in the US under Trump in office, you may well be allowed to remain
Muslim but you shall not be allowed to travel. Trump lets you down as an American.
D. Trump also lets you down as a republican. In the 1980s, R. Reagan, from the Republican Party,
asked M. Gorbachev, to tear the Berlin wall down in the name of freedom and prosperity. 30 years
after Reagan’s speech, you would think that the US would have kept going in this direction. Well
yes it has, apart from D. Trump who wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico deviating
from the heritage of the Republican Party and R. Reagan's historical plea against the oppressive
USSR. Perhaps, the Native Americans should have built a wall to prevent D. Trump's ancestors
from entering the country. D. Trump is set to divide people instead of uniting them.
D. Trumps needs to understand, that money does not make him great. It makes him stink. His
appetite for profit is a sign that his main goal is to have more and more money. But what place does
this leave for the American citizens who have been deprived of their fundamental rights? If he, as he
shouts, can make America great again, why has he not started yet? How many hospitals has he built
with his own money for example? Does he need to be in office to start being a philanthropist like he
claims he is? He is according to, the least charitable billionaire. Trump is dividing communities, countries, forgetting
that the more we have to do with one another the better and the safer it is. We saw what a divided
world was capable of with two world wars in the 20th century in which America paid a high enough
price to defend the free world.

D. Trump is a demagogue and a divider. It is all about how rich, how highly educated he is, how he
would have killed the terrorists with his gun in Paris and so on and so on. He wants to be great, not
America. As war is profitable, prepare yourselves as American citizens to send your children to war
with Trump as president as he will find the next evil enemy in the world to rage war against to make
profit in the name of freedom with the blood of innocent human beings.
After electing a president from a minority twice in a row, where the US citizens showed the world
their openness, their rejection of racism and their belief that regardless of your social, religious or
ethnic background you can make it to the top, reviving by the way the American dream, the
opportunity is given to you once again Americans. Today is International Women's Day and
remember, you can elect the first female President of the United States breaking once again the
prejudices, the discrimination, and the sexism that pollutes our modern world. Centuries of male led
governments have brought too many wars, deaths and divisions. Like Vandana Shiva states, women
as life bearers will protect life. If we want a more humane, united and peaceful world, women are
the key. A. Merkel in Germany has likely ended her political career by having the courage, despite
the difficulties, to open up her country to thousands of people in need. What a humane, honorable
and charitable gesture! Humanity came first and the world should look up and take heed. It is time
for women to rule. The future is through helping each other, not by warmongering or building walls.
The world looks on, my dear American friends, please enlighten the world once again by starting a
new era of ideological openness and humanistic prosperity and do not fall back into the dark ages
symbolized by this condescending, self-obsessed, self-centered, racist, political rookie and rich
daddy's boy D. Trump.

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