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Quentin DELOIRE - Hellen BELOU



The project

In a world that is becoming ever more
connected through globalisation, being open
minded is a must. As architects we have and
will have an important role in the future. We
design houses, neighbourhoods, cities and so
gmj [gmflja]k& L`]j]^gj] o] k`gmd\f l Z] fYjrow minded and consider architecture as one
universal model as this disregards external
environments and other variable factors thus
producing designs devoid of context.
From that came an idea of this study.
The idea is to make use of both our desire to
travel and architectural knowledge.
Take two guys full of energy, curiosity and a
want to explore.
Take two motorbikes, light, solid and easy to
Úp& DgY\ l`]k] oal` ZY_k Yf\ mk]^md ]imahment for a long motorbike trip.
The goal is to drive from Hanoi to Toulouse
on these motorbikes going through around
twenty countries with the eye of an architecture student. We will discover other ways of
life and other ways to build through which
we will observe where and how people live
outside of our « civilised » countries and therefore think about architecture on a global

Another aim is to see how people build without money. We will observe how people
build in many ways using natural resources
depending on their cultures, religion and climate.
What are we looking for by taking this
First a general knoledge about all those
[gmflja]k l`Yl o] \gf l cfgo& K][gf\ g^ Ydd
being even more open minded in a time when
the world is teeming with nationalist parties.
The extreme right party in France, the neonazis in Germany and in Eastern Europe, the
Donald Trump presidential candidacy...
Travel to check out how people live, what
l`]aj [gklme]k Yj]$ Yf\ `go l`]q Údd l`]aj
Being interested by something different. Not
by the international architecture that we can
see in every magazine and which is taught in
every school. Going into very poor countries
and seeing how they produce architecture
with almost nothing.
The world is going through an ecological
revolution. What are the lesson that we can
get from their resourcefulness in architecture
and from these countries local architecture
that is so different from ours?

The project



As a motorbike driver and backpacker I have
always loved hitting the road and meeting
new people. My trips have always given
me something different, strong and deep,
almost like being part of the documentary
that you watch on TV. My background as carpenter and architect made me think about
making architecture a focal point of my trip.
Mr. Fabre, a former teacher of mine at the
Architecture school of Toulouse told me once
« architecture is everywhere around you.
You should not only consider architecture as
the nice building that is on the corner ».

As a traveller I have always wanted to explore more and this project will allow me to
develop my work with the organisation « Architecte sans frontières » in Toulouse. For the
last two years I have been producing speciÚ[Ylagf k`]]lk j]_Yj\af_ `YZalYfl Yf\ l`]aj
houses. We have met many different people
in various houses and analysed the house
from a technical and sociological viewpoint.
The Archi-Take-Tour project will allow me to
complete my studies.

While studying in Hanoi for my 4th year of
Mfan]jkalq$ A e Ydj]Y\q \ak[gn]jaf_ l`] Yjchitecture of Vietnam and its surroundings.
I have driven through Vietnam by motorbike
with a friend. 2500km in two weeks and a
half weeks. I have been able to observe the
change in architecture from north to south.
This trip allowed me to discover the countries rich culture and through this better understand the reasoning behind the diverse
range of architectures.

Today a lot of projects can be totally disconnected with their environnement. Therefore I want to see what architecture can be «
basic » when more connected to the reality
of its environment. We will learn more in six
months visiting , living in and analysing all
these countries than in six months attending
[dYkk& 9f\ Yk eq Újkl q]Yj l]Y[`]j ogmd\
kYq ‚ l`]j] ak egj] l`Yf Y l`gmkYf\ mfaim]
architectural inventions in a slum than in famous architectes house ».

The analyse

The review

It was decided to analyse these houses in an
]Ykq q]l ka_faÚ[Yfl oYq& O] oadd mk] Y klja[ldq
k[a]flaÚ[ e]l`g\ lg [gehYj] l`]k] `gmk]k
based on climate, culture, religon, natural
j]kgmj[]k Yf\ [gfkljm[lagf l][`faim]k&
Moreover we will use a sensitive approach
taking into account light, atmosphere,
feelings, space and the result it has on
neighbourhoods, habitants and houses.

We will carry out this study during our 5th
year of University. Over one semester we will
drive through two continents studying the diverse range of houses that we will encounter. Following this our teachers in France will
Ya\ mk lg hjg\m[] kh][aÚ[Ylagf k`]]lk ^gj l`]
houses we analyse.
From that we will run an exhibition, publication and share our work with as many
people as possible.

Oal` Y kh][aÚ[ hjglg[gd Yf\ l`] mk] g^
photography, perspective, observations, We will also record our journey through a
afl]jna]ok Yf\ h]jkgfYd j]Û][lagfk o] [Yf blog through which friends, family, and
carry out a detailed comparison.
partners can follow our journey.

Map and itinerary

DYgk % EqYfeYj % :Yf_dY\]k` % Af\aY % F]hYd % Af\aY % Mfal]\ 9jYZ =eajYl] % AjYf
9r]jZYabYf % 9je]faY % ?]gj_aY % JgeYfaY % K]jZaY % :gkfaY % ;jgYlaY % Kdgn]faY % AlYdq

Prior project
This book has been thought of as a guide to discover and understand the urban style of tokyo
o`]j] l`] Yml`gjk Ykc]\ l`]ek]dn]k ‚ O`Yl ak EY\] af Lgcqg 7 ’& Lg Yfko]j l`ak im]klagf
they explored Tokyo by walking, cycling, driving, and public transportation thus realising
their aim.

Prior project

This project was conducted by two french architects and is a collection of the the Mediteraneen
[gYkl k Yj[`al][lmj]& Al ak Y bgmjf]q ^jge l`] kljYal g^ _aZjYdlYj lg l`] kljYal g^ \Yj\Yf]dd]k Yf\
the aim was to observe this overbuilt coast.

=%eYad Y\j]kk] hjgb][l 9j[`a LYc] Lgmj2
The website is under construction. However if you want further information or just updates
about the project and the website you can send us an e-mail and we will keep you updated.
We are also looking for contacts in the contries that we are going to explore. Feel free to
share our project to people that might be interested by helping, meeting and sharing a little
bit of their culture.

;gflY[l Af @Yfga
Im]flaf <=DGAJ=
=%eYad 2 \]dgaj]im]flaf8qY`gg&^j

;gflY[l Af Lgmdgmk]
@]dd]f :=DGM
=%eYad 2 `]dd]f&Z]dgm8_eYad&[ge

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