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Would you like to spend 10 unforgettable days
with awesome people from all over the world?
Student organization of University of Maribor proudly invites students from all
over the world to participate in Student Conference in Maribor (SCiM),
which will take place from 27th of June until 6th of July 2016 in Maribor,
SCiM is an international student conference, where each year more than 60
students from all around the world gathers to not only attend different lectures
and workshops, but also take part in the other activities of the conference.
The main purpose of the conference is to unite students from different
countries in one place, where they have the opportunity to gain new
knowledge and make contacts with university professors and acknowledged
professionals from different fields. Besides main workshops and keynotes,
students also have the opportunity to experience the city of Maribor through
different activities, explore Slovenia on a two-day excursion and establish new
In 10 days you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself in different
workshops and lecture about, go on a trip around sLOVEnia, meet new
people, be active, sociable and simply do something beneficial for yourself this
The participants have to cover the travel expenses to the city of Maribor and
need to pay 90 € participation fee for other activities (depends on the program
and all activities the costs might increase for max. 15 €). Everything is
included in the fee.

More information about SCiM:
SCiM Website
SCiM Facebook page
SCiM Promo video

Application form:
You can apply here: Application form

The application deadline is 4th of April!
For any further information contact us on:

Don’t hesitate! Apply for
So Cool I Must Go
SCiM team

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