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Learnings from business analytics

Jean-Jacques Essome Bell
Lead author
Managing Director

Strategy & Analytics Consulting


The telecoms industry in Africa and the Middle East has
entered a crucial turbulence phase. The focus no longer
lies on massive customer acquisition, but rather on value
creation. Competition from peers and from OTTs has
intensified in most markets, combined with operators’
price wars. This leads to a drastic drop in voice revenue
thus urging operators in the sector to lay emphasis on
developing the 3rd and 4th curves of revenue (data, digital,
mobile financial services) with a new wave of services at
lower margins. As pressure on margins intensifies
because of the accelerated decline in ARPU and the
necessary investments on 3G/4G infrastructures to boost
and support data usage, telecoms operators in Africa and
the Middle East need to build scale to survive.
So understanding the competition landscape, as well as
the dynamic and impacting factors in the African and
Middle East markets is crucial. But unlike the numerous
reports (facts and figures) available on the market place,
the present report aims at giving another reading of
markets and competition in Africa and the Middle East by
extracting knowledge provided by the use of analytics
and other management tools.

March 2016