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Example of Test Mechanical specialty ‘’ EXPRO GROUP COMPANY’’
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to conduct this interview
I look forward to joining this institution and building my career by them.
1) Introduce yourself?
- My full name is ......... , I have 23 years old , I studied at the university of .......
about 3 years where I have received a degree mechanical engineering
industrial maintenance engineering Option , I live in ……………….where I
grow up since I was a child .
2) How do you see yourself after 3 years?
- What I am going to be after three years in my professional life is not what
I'm looking for....... because for me the most important is how am I going to
be during this years and because I trust god and I have confidence in my
ability and my willing,I would say that I will be a field supervisor with a lot
of knowledge and good experience with interesting profile.
3) Why do you want to work with Expro groupe?
- Frankly working with Expro is not a choice for me as I am a newly
graduated from the university I am ready to work with any company, also it
is an honor for me to have a chance to have a job with such company, which
is famous in providing well services.
4) Talked to us about the memorandum of graduation?
- Resume your memory of the end of study.
5) Mechanical characteristics

Impact resistance.

6) Why distinguish you from others, or what are your strengths?
- As you know everybody have his own strength and some of my strength
are challenge, when I say challenge I mean the courage and confidence in

I see that I’m ready to be in a more challenging environment that allows me
to learn new technologies in order to realize my objective I think that this is
why I disagree about the rest.
7) Why did you choose Mechanics?
- I chose this field because I like it and I found that the mechanical specialty
is very wide and very important today, also my opinion on this specialty is
the basis of all fields.
8) Do you wish to complete your studies?
- Ok let's say that the purpose of my studies in the university is getting the
necessary knowledge and techniques to help me finding a job..... so if I find
a job probably I will stop thinking about continuing my studies But it
doesn't stop me that I develop my knowledge in other ways
9) What do you know about Expro group?
EXPRO group is a foreign, famous, and very important company in Algeria,
EXPRO’s mission is well flow management, it provide services and product
that measure improve control and process.
10) Did you present your CV in other company?
Yes, I have already presented my CV in several companies before, but I’m
really interested in your offer.
11) What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I do many things like play guitar with my friend read books
in the domains that interest me I do sport like football
I browse internet and From time to time, I meet my friends and my
neighbors to clean up our neighborhood.
12) What did you learn during your training?
In my training, I applied and used my theoretical knowledge into practice
with in a team and get experience, I get more knowledge about a
compression unity process and controls systems.
13) What were you doing since you graduated?
I’m trying to finish my studies.

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