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Global Schedule
SKEMA Business School
L3 - PGE - Groupe ID
Farès Bendjouadi
Anne-Maïa Duchauffour
Matt Fahy
March 2016

The Executive Summary



Description of the Service



Marketing and Sales Strategy






Management Team & Personnel



Financial Forecasts Report






Curriculum Vitae



Minute n°1



Minute n°2


The Executive
Global Schedule is an innovative calendar application which centralizes all
the time tables of private individuals and professionals ( shops, doctors, hair
makers etc…) and automatically expresses the perfect time to meet in order to
reduce time wasting for everyone.
Many competitors have decided to be specialized in one sector (for
doctors, for events, for cinemas, for professional use). There is no app which
targets all the B&C services:
No application can allow to book in the same platform a restaurant, a taxi,
an appointment at the doctor, and so on. So, thanks to « Global Schedule », you
will have the power to plan your time easier and to organise your life like a pro.
This system was created to improve and make life easier for consumers
and professionals for it changes their consumption and working habits. With a
world increasingly connected, this online reservation tool may be your ally in the
coming years.
Nowadays, it is primary to raise funds to start a business, so as a matter of
fact, we are three associates and we need 60 000 euros to start the business.
We decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to get 30 000€ and to
borrow 20 000€ each so that we will be able to launch our website, our mobile
app, and to advertise our product.
How are we going to monetize our website and app ?

We will sell advertising space : it is one of the most popular way to
monetize a website. And we will be paid per click. The benefit of this system is
that we can provide a free service to our customers, it also guarantees us to get
incomes. But the drawbacks are that some customers would like to get a service
without pop up, and advertising. So, we will also provide a premium account with
additional services and no advertising. Moreover, we will establish a percentage
on each transaction. That is to say, when a customer will reserve on our website or
app we will take a commission.

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Global Schedule


Company Name: Global Schedule 

Location: CEEI NCA - 1 Boulevard Maître Maurice Slama - 06200 Nice, France 

Legal form: SARL

Social capital and its distribution: 

€ 60,000 divided into 3 or € 20,000 per partner

Date and place of filing the application for registration in the commercial and
companies or trades register: simulation with the administration

1. Description of the Service

Global Schedule is a system of making appointments and online
booking, open to all types of businesses and consumers, whether
it is for personal appointments, or for their booking of hotels, car
rental, doctors appointment, tables at restaurants, conference
rooms, hair dresser’s appointments, tennis courts,

tickets for events, and all kinds of commercial activities.

Global Schedule ought to seduce both the advertisers and the consumers.
Every service published on our website can be reserved by going
through the app. The time which is available both for the user and
the service provider is displayed on the app, and the appointment
can be made in one click and automatically scheduled in the
respective calendars. No need to make a call to the service
provider. Both customers and service providers will save time.

The secondary functions are :
• The search for local services.
• The possibility to pay the reservation directly on the application or
to be headed for the relevant service. (flight, trains…)
• The establishment of the itineraries between the various
appointments during the day of the user.
• The display of services regarding the consumer habits with target
advertising in the format : small banner. 

Global Schedule

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Global Schedule

a. Features
Why do customers want it ?

• An unlimited number of services in 1 sec
• Secure reservation system
• Available in real time 24H/24 and 7/7
• Instant confirmation
• Full synchronization with calendar apps
• Secure online payment with Paypal

Why do professionals want it ? :

• Customizing ads according to the criteria
of the advertiser
• powerful marketing tool: free
management of prices and promotional
• real-time monitoring reservation
• Statistics online consultation based on
the activity of the company

• Simple and intuitive ergonomics

b. Our Objectif
Global Schedule intends to be the beginning of what artificial intelligence can
bring to the world. Nowadays, when people schedule their day, they only take into
account their own appointments. With an artificial intelligence which can know what every
person plans for one’s day, it would be able to perfectly optimize the day of everyone. For
weeks, months, years, it would save time and avoid useless moves for everyone. Everyone
will be able to do much more in a day than ever and the impact on the environment will
be reduced.
When the application will grow and will be adopted by a significant number of
users, we want to extend the services with Automatic Commun Transports itineraries and
Carpooling organizations to take care of the transport between the different
appointments people scheduled.

It also provides information on available competitors for appointments near you to reduce
transfert time, traffic and pollution.

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Global Schedule
c. Key features of the Sector

« By 2018, the european sector of
mobile applications will represent € 63
billion The revenues will be multiplied
by 3.6 in just 4 years.
In January 2015, Android and iOS
owned 84% of the operating systems
market for smartphones, followed by
Windows for 9%.
8.3 million French users have
downloaded at least one application
during the month of January 2015.

76% is the average increase in the use
of mobile applications in 2014.

The use of applications of the category
'lifestyle & shopping', has increased by
174% (220% for Android 'shopping').

86% of time spent on the web Mobile
is generated by applications. It is 6%
more than in 2013.

On average, for 35 mobile apps
installed per smartphones, 11 are used
every week. »

These figures show that the market represents a huge potential for new businesses. Now,
the challenge is taking an opportunity in the market of applications that does not stop
increasing. (Source:

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Global Schedule

Marketing and Sales Strategy

a. Marketing
For our new application, we wanted to combine several services that are already on
the market to create a new concept with ecological values and will simplify lives of
More over, being a revolutionary product, this application will revolutionize the
market and our niche is to offer a product much more complete than our competitors.
Indeed, thanks to GLOBAL SCHEDULE they wont be waste time any more on the phone,
they can program their reservation in advance or they can check the availabilities and the
prices of the different services provided by the application just in one click.
Our project is positioned on the market of the digital technology and more exactly
sales and reservation services. Our market is local because all our services provided for
our customers are around their location.
Nowadays it is rare to take a foothold in a market without being confronted to
competitors. And the difficulty of getting in a competitive market is to gain market shares.
On the first hand we have to turn peoples consumer’s habits who already developed
loyalty in numerous sites. And on an other hand, to attract announcers' which without
them our site wouldn’t exist. Our main competitors are already well established in the
market and have a good reputation. The consumers has developed loyalty in these
numerous sites because of their seniority, Vente-privée, Trip advisor, e-booking are huge
competitors, their power on the market is enormous. And there are also smaller
competitors such as Michelin Restaurant, Yelp, Open Table, La fourchette for the
restaurants, Zoc Doc for the doctors etc..
But none of them offers all those services in one. And synchronizing and gathering
all the appointments in a smart way is a revolution.

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Global Schedule


At first, we will launch our product in Nice to test our service, so the best way to
make our service better known is to reach the local population by putting advertising
placards on the bus stops and in the city center where all the shops are.
Secondly, we could take example on Pumpkin application. Contests to obtain
subvention or prices for the people who promotes and bring the most subscribers is a
good way to promote the company without spending too much money.
Example : Pumpkin wanted to subsidize a humanitarian car race.
1st price : 1000 €
2nd price : 500 €
3rd price : 300 €
The others could get 1 euro for every subscribers brought with a minimum of 200
hundred subscribers. They were 35 participants so for 1800 euros it is an very profitable
investment for the company. In addition to all the communication around this event and
the logo of the company on the cars.
We will also create a pyramidal mentoring system, so that you can get money if you
invite your friends on the application. This system is well-known and very common in this
market. It brings easily new customers without spending too much money on
Segmentation of the market
Defining our target consists in determining very exactly who will be our main
customers, who are the ones who will be the best consumer of our services. This
segmentation is based on several criteria: individuals / companies / administrations.
Within the individuals
- Segmentation according to sociodemographic data: we defined our target
according to their age (20/40 the years) and their location. (because our market is a local
market at first)
- Segmentation according to consumer habits: thanks to our questionnaire during
the procedure of registration we know our customer habits to offer them the services that
best suits their tastes
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Global Schedule
Within the company
To insure the best quality service to our customers, we select our business partners.
-Business sector
-Size of the company
-Seniority of the company
-Reputation of the company
-Quality services tested and approved by our commercial service
This selection is a guarantee of quality and a marketing strategy to avoid a waste of time
in prospecting targets that aren't relevant for our application and customers.

Adopted positioning for the application
-A Website and an application with an attractive design and compatible to all
-An adapted editorial contents : The configuration of the application has to
indicate the customer easily on his taste according to his descriptive sheet. And the geolocalization option has to inform when there are shops open right next to him. The
information has to be clear and quickly accessible.
-A multilingual option, so that you can have your application in your mother
-A system of promotions according to your loyalty.
the number of points accumulated, every date of birth, and the promotions all year round
will develop loyalty in our customers. The recovery of the data customers allows us to
send newsletters and special offers to our clients.
-A Website well indexed to be found easily in the research engine

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Global Schedule

SWOT Analyse



- Innovations: - Global Schedule is the first app
which can centralize and synchronize appointments
individuals and professionals. 

- Global Schedule is the first app
which purpose itineraries between appointments
and adapt the the ideal time to meet.
- Huge access to consumers’s data
for targeted publicity

- It has to be adopt by a maximum of recipients to

Global Schedule

be efficient.
- Limited financial possibility.
- Limited human ressource with low skills base in
many areas.
- Our company has no market presence or

- Growing market.
- Multi-platform possibilities : Mobile, Computer,
Connected watches,

- Consumer can pay and reserve their
appointment directly on the app.
- Upcoming Mobile Technology.

- Low
industry investment costs.



- Easy access to distribution ( virtual app stores) - Competitors are used by most of recipients and
- Democratization of smartphones and mobile can dosome part of possibilities of Global
internet use.

Global Schedule

Schedule :
- Google Calendar
- Doodle
- Mobikap
- e-plan
- Ethics : Do people will accept to supply their
schedule ?

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Global Schedule


To attract more client, we have developed 2 different offers, the basic and free
offer for those who doesn't want to pay for our service, they will benefit less features and
will have adds on their application whereas the subscribers of the premium account will
benefit all the features of the application and wont be bothered by the advertisement. To
subscribe for the premium account you will have to pay 9.99 €.


Reservation online



Access to all the promotions



automatic reduction of
distances between



Synchronisation of the



Evaluation of services



Pop-up and advertising



Access to all the schedules



Unlimited reservations



As GLOBAL SCHEDULE is a platform you can book your appointments, we were
thinking of either a percentage or a price for every commission. We decided to take 20
cents for each transaction to ensure us incomes, especially for the free accounts.
For the free accounts, there will be pop-ups and advertising banners. Pop-ups are
payed 0,56 cent and for the advertising banners on the application and the website, it is
0,07 cent for every clic. It is for our company very profitable and it is a good way for the
consumers to get the application for free.

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Global Schedule


Global Schedule associates have a
background in Business, but no-one has computer
skills, mobile application or internet development.
Fortunately, many companies fill this need. At the
starting of this business, we do not need to hire an
IT engineer. The production can be outsourced to
minimise the risk. When the application will be
profitable, we will internalize the production.
For the creation of Global Schedule, we
decided to use This service
allows us to remotely work with high-skilled

Advantages :
• Easier and faster way to start the development
• Expertise & Quality
• We pay on result.
• Minimized risks
Drawbacks :
• Extra-charges
• Court-term

Companies incubated in the CEEI of
Nice Cotes D’Azur have all a commun
point : Innovation
That is why, for its quality and
business support services, we rent an
office here, but only for a short-time :
the time Global Schedule needs to
develop itself. Then, we will look for
bigger permisses.
The advantages are :
• All-in-on directly useably
• Business support services
• Collaboration experience
• People connections

Working location

The drawbacks are :
We decided to rent a business place for
• Expensive charges
1000 € per month. To get the premises, we have to
• Court-term contract
pay for three months at the beginning. We forecast
that the business rental amount will not evolve during
the five next years. The real-estate leasing contract was signed by all the associates for a
duration of 5 years of commitment. 

The main advantages of our business location are firstly that, we are situated in the CBD central business district of Nice (Cote d’Azur) and it give us the possibility to be closer to
our customers and our partners. And the main reason why we decided to belong to Nice
CEII’s business incubator, is to be close to other innovative startups.

Global Schedule

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Global Schedule

Management Team & Personnel
Farès Bendjouadi

Anne-Maïa Duchauffour

Matt Fahy

Head of Finance 

and Human Ressources

Marketing Manager

Strategy manager

Chief Executive
Operation manager

Who are we ?

We are three associates who decided to create a startup : Global Schedule.

In the first year, we will not hire any employee because the activity will carefully and
progressively evolve. But then, we will have to recruit one intern, maybe two depending
on the growth of the activity.
Labor conditions and remuneration

We will work for an average of 50 hours per week, but when the intern would work,
only 35 hours per week. The wages of the intern will be about 5 000 euros per year (this is
the legal minimum), that to say 500 euros by month between September and June.

Labor cost

There will be no labor cost in the first year. But, in the second year, we will hire an
intern for two years, so it will be about 5 000€ per year. And then, it will evolve to 10 000€
because we will recruit a second one.
Motivation policy

We are a very motivated team so we also need a motivated intern. 

Better is the productivity of the intern, higher will be his situation (he would benefit from
some advantages like a peak or some career evolutions if the activity enables it)
The production stage of our service

The application will be conceived an improved by our supplier which is a private
developer for the total amount of 30 000€. Then, 10 000When we will get the app, we
will not have to invest in any other tool because the application will be updated
automatically thanks to our developer.

Global Schedule

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Global Schedule

Financial Forecasts Report

The start up costs are mostly compounded of the application design and the local
business rental which need a three months’ fees to get it. But, there are also desk
furniture required to accompany our development.

We are three associates who brought 20 000 each one and because it is not
sufficient enough, we decided to borrow 20 000 euros from Barclays bank and to realize a
crowdfunding to get 30 000 euros.

Each transaction will cost to the consumer 0,20 euros. Table 1 show the number of
transactions that we expect to get for each month and the total for Year 1 whereas table 2
shows the expected turnover for each month and by sum, for Year 1.
Sales forecast were realized starting from the hypothesis that the sales will start
from the bottom to grow quickly.

Global Schedule

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Global Schedule

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Global Schedule
We expect a very quick growth of the turnover between the starting year and the
second one and which will continue yearly with an upside trend of 40 000 euros per year.
Moreover, the cost of sales, very important at the beginning, will then only be
compounded of the annual year fee to the business incubator CEII of Nice (325 euros) but
every five years, we have to change our computer equipment: 1908 euros for the
computers and 69 euros for the printer.
The EBITDA is the economical rentability of our project which is calculated by
subtracting the total of expenses from the gross profit.
Thanks to the legislation, because our company is an innovative start up, we benefit from
a tax exemption during the three first years of activity and then about -50 % off for two
Finally, our assumption is that the net income will start to grow from the second year to
reach 116 816 euros on the fifth year.

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Global Schedule

The cash-flow analysis is conceived to see during the twelve first months if our
business will succeed in being profitable. First for the sales, we had analyzed that the
sales of the application will increase monthly but will be stable during the summer. It is
important to know that the marketing cost is higher at the beginning of the start up
activity. Utilities and R&D expenses will follow a cyclical evolution and so, be mobilized
only between September and June. Finally, the Net income will be negative during
January and February but it will increase progressively to reach 4 205 euros in December.

Risk analyses :
First, the start up funds are mostly inputs bringing by us and the crowdfunding
campaign. But, the bank loan represents a risk because we are committed to pay off the
So, the business has to save money every year to reduce the risk of collapse in case
of shutdown, which can be the consequence of our non-skilled-enough team, a working
motivation not important enough caused by a bad management of the costs.
Finally, the cash flow analysis enables us to situate the break-even point between
February and march of Year 1 what is very good for the future economical health of
Global Schedule but it’s important for us to prepare ourself to any risk which could hinder
the growth expected.

Global Schedule

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Global Schedule


Mobile use in the world

Apps revenues

Mobile application use

Top 5 popular applications categories

Sources :

Mobile devices utilisation
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Global Schedule

Curriculum Vitae
20 years
9, street Emilie

Sept 2015 –
Sophia Antipolis, 06

Master’s degree « Programme Grande Ecole » (Accreditations: AACSB and EQUIS)

Nov 2015 – Nov 2015
Sophia Antipolis, 06

Training in Trading in partnership with Skema Finance

Sept 2013 – June 2015 Preparatory class (Economics speciality)
Vanves, 92
Nov 2014 – Dec 2014
Manhattan, NYC

Business English in partnership with Passeport Avenir (an Association of executives)

Sept 2013 – June 2014 Individual Tutoring by an Accenture manager
Jouy-en-Josas, 78
Sept 2010 – June 2013 Baccalaureate STG speciality CGHR option Japanese LV3 and Science-Po Paris’s module
Epinay sur Seine, 93

Oct 2015 OSER ENTREPRENDRE - Professional Association of SKEMA BS
Sophia Antipolis, 06 President
- Realization of the association’s website;
- Seeking sponsors ;
- Design and distribution of flyers;
- Regular release of information in the social networks;
- Management of the official web page in Facebook;
- Organisation of conferences around Entrepreneurship.

Languages: English: Advanced - Level C1 (Toefl: 543/677)
Spanish: Current speaking and reading - Level B2
Japanese: Medium - Level A1/B1
Chinese: Beginner - Level A0
Softwares: Office pack

Sports: Tennis (2 years of practice)
Martial Arts: Karate (2 years of practice) and Budo Contact (4 years of practice)
Stretching / Yoga
Leisures: Manga’s reading (One Piece) and Economy’s reading.
Trading on virtual accounts: FxPro, IG.
Trips: In Germany, in Algeria, in Spain, in England (London City), in Switzerland and in Belgium.

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Global Schedule

Address : 120 boulevard Wilson, Antibes 06600, FRANCE
Email :
Cell phone : +336 25 72 10 80
20 years old
Driver’s licence

Employment Experience

-HOSTESS, private parties, St Tropez (4 times a week)
-BEACH MANAGER, Maxime Plage Restaurant, Gulf St Tropez (110 beach chairs, 56h/week)

APRIL 2015 ›

LIFEGUARD, Aquapolis Olympic swimming pool, Limoges (Student job 15h/week)

AUGUST 2014 ›

-BARMAID-WAITRESS, Mahi Mahi, Sainte Maxime (50h/week, 200 meals served)
-BARMAID-WAITRESS, Mas de Guerrevieille, Sainte Maxime (20h/week, 120 meals served)

JULY 2014 ›

BEACH MANAGER AND LIFEGUARD, City of Sainte Maxime, The Gulf of St Tropez
(39h/week, managed 8 animators, supervised meal services, controlled rescue equipment and


satisfied customers)


LIFEGUARD, St Martin Terressus

AUGUST 2012 ›


JULY 2012 ›

INTERN, ACO (Audit Conseil Organisation) accounting firm, Limoges France


INTERN – ANXA international (technology coaching company), Manila, Philippines

Courses include : International Accounting, Finance, Strategic
Management, Marketing.
SEPTEMBER 2013 - JUNE 2015 › INTENSIVE PROGRAM preparing for the National Business School
Entrance Exams
JUNE 2013 ›

Extra-curricular : (September to April 2012-2013)
PSE1 : First aid certificate BNSSA: Lifeguard certificate


Mother tongue
Fluent (910/990 TOEIC)
Excellent level (B2 level)
› Word, Excel, Internet,

PowerPoint, SPSS (statistics program)

Humanitarian rally 4L, SKEMA Yachting
TRAVELS › Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal,
China), United States , Europe (Italy, Spain,
Great Britain, Germany).
SPORTS › Ice Skating (French Champion

Cup), diving (divemaster), swimming ,

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Global Schedule
+33 781 530 282

Matt Fahy
6 Avenue Barquier

06600 Antibes


Work Experience

Languages :
French, mother tongue
English, advanced
Spanish, beginner
Portuguese, beginner
Chinese, beginner
Computer Skills :
Word, Excel,

Travels :
- England, Ireland, Italy, USA
- 2 months as a backpacker in
Brazil in 2012
Community Life :
- Communication & Sponsors
Officer for Skema’s
association « GreenLife »
- Communication Officer for
the university association
« Ciné-Club » in 2014-2015
Sports :
- Swimming
- Water-skiing
- Climbing

- Ethics
- Enthusiasm
- Entrepreneurship
- Ecology, Sustainability
- Innovation

Event Project Assistant Manager, Meeting and Co - Nice
Jan. - Feb. 2015
• Contribution to the organization of two seminars 

- Tour leader (customer service, transfer management)
• Creation of two incentive trips

- Trips organization (transport, hotels and restaurant

- Budget management
Assistant Manager, Savor Créations - Six-Fours
Jan. 2014

Internship - a discovery of a company’s departments.
• Sales: Customers service and support
• Supply Chain: Translation of data sheets in English, Order
• Financial Service: Calculation of profits for new products

Summer Jobs
Server & Bartender, Restaurant La Savane - Sanary-sur-Mer
July. - Aug 2014 & 2015
• Welcoming customers and customer service

Receptionist, Camping Odalys - La Seyne-sur-mer
July. - Aug 2013
• Welcoming customers, states placement, general

Bachelor in Management, SKEMA Business School - SophiaAntipolis
• Entrepreneurship
• Sustainable Innovation
Two-year Management Degree, University Institute of Technology of
March 2015
Baccalauréat with honors (high school degree) - La Seyne Sur Mer
June 2012
Specializations : Economy, Advanced English

« References available upon request »

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Global Schedule
8. Minute n°1 : How will we make money out of our
application ?
Fares : « We have to discuss about how we are going to make profit »
Matt :  « There are many ways to make profit, but we have to pick the best way. At first to gain
customers we could organize a pyramid scheme, the subscribers could invite friends and urne
money that they can spend on our app. »
Maia :  «  I agree, but that’s a system to gain customers but not to urne money. I was either
thinking about the basic and free account where we could add paid advertising, and a premium
account with new features and no advertising. What do yo think ? »
Fares :  « How would we get money for the advertising ? »
Matt :  «  Company will pay us according to the number of banners advertising, but we have to
check out the prices »
Maia : « I just checked, one click is payed 0.07 and a pop up advertising is 0.56 €, that could be a
good way to have incomes but for the premium account there wont be adds, so how much would
cost the subscription per month, it shouldn't be too expensive and we also have to think about
the features provided. »
Fares : «  We could offer more schedule for the premium subscribers, and some exclusivity for
example on events such as concerts, opening restaurants etc.. »
Maia : « Perfect ! Any other ideas ? »
Matt : «  It’s off-topic, but i think we should add a ecological value on our app »
Maia :  « What do you mean ? »
Matt :  « The perfect way to reduce carbon footprint could be : gather all the appointments in the
same area to reduce the traveling time and as well the consumption of gasoline. We could
propose an intern carpooling between the members of our application to decrease the number of
cars in circulation. »
Fares :  «  That could be a great idea if we find the way to set it on the app, we could maybe
obtain subvention from the region or prices.  But for the intern carpooling, there are so many
competitors on the market, I’m not sure it will work »
Maia :  « I disagree with you Fares, I m sure you are talking about blablacar.. And it is a carpooling
service for long distance trip. Here it isn't in the same purpose, the carpooling will only be
proposed to go to appointments so basically in the same town »

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Global Schedule

Minute n°2 : How will we finance our project ?

Matt : « First of all, it is important to know our capital contribution. Because to start a business we
will need to raise funds »
Maia : «  Yes of course, I was thinking of Line-of-credit loan … at first and after an Angel
investment between the first and the second year of our company but there are many drawbacks
of having this kind of investor… »
Matt : « I think we should put three of us the same amount of money to have the same proportion
of the company »
Fares : «  The problem of the capital contribution of each of us is a personal problem. Because
some of us wont have to take a loan it depends on our bankrolls. And on a second hand, the
business angels investment as you said is very burdensome… We wont be able to decide alone
for our company and they will have a word to say in every decision. »
Maia :  «  I agree, but it is a good way to raise funds easily and be advised by experienced
professionals dont you think ? »
Matt : «  I would rather do a crowdfunding, so that we wont have to reimburse all the money. »
Fares : « Yes but what could we offer to the donors ? »
Maia : « That’s a great idea, but as Fares said we have to think about all the communication about
this crowdfunding and our project has to be launched to get the trust of people on Ulule. And if
you have a look on all the projects you will see that the successful one’s are those who has already
been launched and has a nice compensation for example the product sold by the company
according to the amount of the donation »
Matt : «  But before thinking about where to get the money, we should try to estimate the amount
of money we need for the start of the business »
Fares : « So we want to create an application and a website.. Can someone code ? »
Matt : «  We should take a service provider to create it, but we will have to promote the
competition by asking several quotations to pick the best service. »
Maia : «  We could maybe simulate on the website ‘combien coute mon app’ pour avoir une
idée ? »
Fares : « I found a price range for the application : ??? € »
Matt : « Great, the most important is the application, the website is just about our company, and I
can handle it »

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