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This book is written for informational purposes only. The author
has made every effort to make sure the information is complete
and accurate. All attempts have been made to verify
information at the time of this publication and the authors do
not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions, or other
interpretations of the subject matter. The publisher and author
shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or
entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to
be caused directly or indirectly by this book.


Table Of Contents
Section 1 – Unwrapping The Male Mind ........................…..19
Section 2 – Precious Honeybunch
Section 3 – Fire In The Belly Lines .................................. 52
Section 4 – Attraction Meow Lines................................... 63
Section 5 – Rejection Squish Squash Lines........................ 74
Section 6 – Sensation Grand Slam Lines .......................... 86
Section 7 - Queen Of My Heart Lines................................ 98
Section 8 – Emotion Devotion
Lines........................................................................... 112
Section 9 – Intimacy Yoo-Hoo Lines............................... 126
Section 10 – Light Of My Life Lines................................ 141
Section 11 – Secret Hanky Panky
Lines........................................................................... 154
Section 12 – Slap Of Love Lines.................................... 167
Section 13 – Soulmate Mishmash Lines.......................... 180
Section 14- Blind Sweetheart
Lines........................................................................... 193

Closing Thoughts......................................................... 206




Now let’s be honest - lots of men are pretty predictable, except
when they’re not. We can read a typical man just like you’re
reading this, except for that moment when he does something
more confusing than a Rubik’s cube.
Whether or not you’re heavy into the dating game, you’ve
probably asked yourself this question at some point:
Why is that men will chase after some woman like bloodhounds,
but treat the rest like yellow traffic lights?
Why is it that certain men have a superhuman skill of being
jerks to women, until one woman shows up and makes them
start working for good boy points?
Sometimes it seems like this woman has the power to work her
magic like a sexy lightning bolt in heels.
Some magicians pull rabbits out of hats, and she makes
misogynists carry grocery bags - indeed, this is an extreme
brand of dark magic. By the time it’s over, the man might not
even remember when he got in the car and drove her to the
It happens every single day. When was the last time you
witnessed this world wonder? No matter what the weather or
venue, “that” woman is always around to make us question just
how in the world she pulls her magic off so effortlessly.
She may either be single or taken, but there is something about
this woman that men just seem to respond to – it’s not a

response that gets catcalled or censored on daytime television.
This is the type of woman that makes men want to do things for
her, just for the sake of doing those things.
Do you have any theories about why so many woman struggle
over hell and high water just to get a man to talk about
commitment, while other woman seem to just be able to make
their men commit like flipping a light switch?
What’s the difference between a woman who can’t get her
boyfriend of 6 years to propose, and a woman who can make a
man want to marry her within hours?
If you’ve lost nights of sleep trying to crack the mystery of
these women’s techniques, you are not alone. At some point,
you may have figured that this woman with unnatural mantaming ability must simply have freakishly good luck.
You may have just completely given up trying to uncover any
kind of rationale in the equation and chalked it up to some kind
of bizarre lottery ticket she won for male attention.
While it’s understandable that so much success with the
opposite sex could be interpreted as luck, in this case, luck is
not the main tool in this femme fatale’s arsenal. As hard as it
may be to believe, the reality distortion field these women seem
to have is something that you can generate yourself!
The truth is that these women are enjoying success with their
man because of the simple power of understanding, not their
luck. Almost no amount of romantic luck in the world can
compensate for not knowing the kind of game you’re playing.
To put it simply, you win more when you know more. Relax, this
is not a calculus lesson. Right now, we’re in the business of
making things simpler and not more difficult.

Have you ever heard of the best way to eat an elephant? Well,
the absolute best way is to not eat any elephant at all, but the
second best way is to eat it one part at a time.
Here’s the good news: we’re really only dealing with one part.
We’re going to focus on the executive office of the male mind.
Conquer the part of his brain that calls the shots, and you’re in
charge - it’s so effective it should be illegal.
I used to stare slack-jawed at these man-eating wonder women
until I figured out that their amazing secret isn’t all that
amazing - what’s really amazing is the fact that more women,
including me at one point, never caught on.
The secret to being a whole lot better at keeping men around
for more than fifteen seconds is called the “attraction switch”.
When you know how to flip an attraction switch, you’ve
basically become his goddess. Don’t freak out, it’s something
you get used to.
The rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than you think . You
need to think bigger than just a big butt. The attraction switch
means more than a coy little switch in your walk.
Any woman can get more eyeballs to turn down the road by
putting on less clothes, but if you want to have the kind of
quality that makes a man attracted to the idea of being with
you, it’s going to take something that’s just a touch more
refined than showing skin.
The only thing that needs to get taken off here is the hood on
top of a man’s emotions. When you see what’s under the hood,
you’ll catch onto the mechanics pretty quickly. It’s pretty smoky
and tough to see in there at first, but give it time and
everything will be clear as a crystal ball.


These women can make men act like commitment-ready
gentlemen at the drop of a hat are basically like mechanics
working under the hood - the catch is that they can use the
tools with their minds.
They’re psychic mechanics. Sure, a physical quality might give
them an edge, but their greatest advantage isn’t something
that can be measured with a cloth tape at the mall.
These women are able to do what they do because they can flip
those attraction switches like a prop. Once again, an attraction
switch isn’t something you can physically wear or do, but it is
something that women can stimulate in a man’s head.
This isn’t a dirty technique. You don’t need to do anything weird
or unnatural. You’re actually going to be doing things the way
nature intended since Year One of the human race.
Every man, no matter how old he is or what job he pretends to
have, has attraction switches made to get flipped. A man
doesn’t even need to know what his attachment switches are
for you to get to business!
Before a man even understands that an attraction switch has
been flipped in his head, attraction has begun. The feeling of
being attracted occurs after the switch has already been flipped.
A pleasant signal wave gets released from his brain, like a
Facebook notification for his body saying “hot stuff ahead”!
There are unique attraction switches and basic, worldwide
attraction switches. Some men know what’s going on, and some
can’t even spell “attachment”. Generally speaking, many men
are more open about their physical attraction switches than
mental ones.
What we’re going to be focusing on here is a universal

attraction switch. The universal attraction switch is the type
that is older than civilization itself. This attraction switch is older
than the very first corny pickup line.
If you develop your skill at triggering this universal male
attraction switch up to a high enough level, you may feel like
you’ve got a case of illegal fireworks.
This ability is just as powerful at it seems, and so it must be
treated as such. We’ve got to be mature so that nobody gets
As with all relationship techniques related to psychology, this is
heavy stuff. This isn’t a weekend at the spa, this is lifeenhancing material. For your safety and sanity, try not to get
too evil with the potential for power here.
Now you don’t need to be a super model or a super genius to
have what it takes to make men incurably interested in you.
Many women are at a loss for ideas on how to get more quality
men in their lives without becoming Miss Universe, but that’s
why we’re here. Attraction switches GIVE you the key to the
love universe.
The attraction switch method will give you a healthy dose of
reality - the good kind of reality, not the reality of having to
serve jury duty. When all the misunderstood nonsense comes
tumbling down, all that’s left is pure, saucy human magnetism.
Understanding how to activate attraction switches work will give
you access to a brand new dimension where dates don’t wind
up being wastes of time. These are just a light handful of some
of the amazing perks:



The power to make a man deeply addicted to pleasing you.

The power to have a man do what you desire without even
needing to ask.
The power to make a man rearrange his life just to spend
more time with you.
The power to make a man fall deeply in love with you past
the point of no return.
These are facts, not opinions! Attraction switches can cure a
man of commitment-phobia very quickly, and it’s a cure that
he’ll happily pay for too.
Total awareness and proficiency with attraction switches will
make you about five times more awesome, but ignorance is like
Being ignorant about the proper ways to trigger attraction
switches is what makes you want to write a manifesto on why
women should be able to asexually reproduce - it’s not a fun
state of mind to be in!
If you’ve ever wondered why your date with Potential Prince
Charming sunk like a dead frog, the likely culprit is an unflipped attraction switch. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s
something that you can benefit from not allowing to happen as
Women who fail to acknowledge the importance of attraction
switches or don’t know of its existence will often talk about
relationships like most normal people would talk about the
Black Plague.
Women without any real attraction switch proficiency, or desire

to learn about them, will often express beliefs that:
No man is capable of remaining committed for more than a
few months at a time.
Getting men to remain loyal is nothing but a useless,
exhausting struggle.
They will always end up with a man who has no idea how to
treat a woman respectfully.
They are forever fated to end up with a man who takes
more and gives less than they do in the relationship.

They will never meet a man who isn’t a total jerk

The reason that these women feel so little hope about their
prospects in love is truly the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Because these women refuse to learn how to trigger attraction
switches when their relationships are in a relatively normal
state, their relationships completely melt under pressure like
When a woman with no skill in triggering attraction switches
finds that her man has become distant or moody, she’ll be like a
koala with a screwdriver and a broken chair. She won’t have
any idea what she’s doing, or how the things in front of her
even came to exist in the first place. She won’t even know what
to call those things.
By understanding what an attraction switch is, you can at least
make yourself man-literate. Understanding the keystones of
attraction will increase your chances at being able to survive a
rough patch in the relationship.
For the sake of your own relationship or any relationship you

may find yourself in down the line, you need to develop some
skill at triggering attraction switches as a plan of defense. It
may seem a little rigid, but you’ll thank yourself for plugging
through it! Attraction switches are lifesavers when no other
ways of getting through to your man will cut it.
Despite how intense this all may seem, there’s no need to worry
about complexity or difficulty. Triggering that precious
psychological wonder-button just begging for attention in your
man’s mind only takes one thing: a connection with his
emotional mind.
Before going any further, we need to establish the fact that
there is more type of mind in the human head. One brain holds
multiple minds. Lots of people are only aware of the logical
mind, which is meant for things like planning a weekly alcohol
budget and pretending to understand politics.
The logical mind is partnered with the unconscious mind. While
the logical mind analyzes and plans, the unconscious mind feels
and reacts. We are consciously controlling our logical minds in
order to function throughout the day, but the unconscious mind
is always at play behind the scenes.
The logical mind takes the front of the stage in plenty of casual
conversations we all have about our own thoughts and
memories, but the emotional mind is actually even more
Underestimating the strength of emotions is like
underestimating a tiger on steroids – doing this will total the
longevity and health of any relationship. When it comes to
understanding what makes your man tick, strong emotional
insight is basically the same as mind reading.
A man’s attachment switches are strongly rooted in the most
sensitive recesses of the unconscious mind, and so in order to

reach them, we need to start drilling into that emotional gold
The golden rule is that the unconscious mind always wins.
Ironically, though the unconscious mind is several times more
influential than the conscious mind, the conscious mind gets
most of the attention when people talk about thoughts.
When you accept the fact that just about all of our decisions
are a result of the unconscious mind, even if balanced out by
the conscious mind, you’ll see just how dramatic the power of
an attachment switch can be.
No amount of reason or hesitation can overcome an eruption
from the unconscious mind that shuts the conscious mind up at
the last moment. The unconscious mind is a majestic, rude
Considering the lack of awareness that most of the general
public has about the contents of their own heads, it’s no wonder
that millions of people can’t tell the behavior of their partner
from the behavior of a Martian.
When we put the unconscious mind in context, however, it’s
easier to understand. The unconscious mind is what compels
certain men to willingly pick fights they can’t win to stand up for
their ladies– this is where attachment switches come in.
With the right trigger, an attachment switch causes an
emotional surge within a man that sets his unconscious mind
into overdrive. The unconscious mind is already more powerful
than the logical mind under ordinary circumstances, and so
during a powerful emotional spike, the unconscious mind
practically becomes a person’s ENTIRE mind.
Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a massive set of

dominoes just waiting to get flicked. The woman activates the
man’s attachment switch, an emotional surge supercharges his
unconscious mind, and in the blink of an eye, the man reunites
with his ancient instincts that force him to fight for his mate.
These wonder-women that we discussed before are, for all
intents and purposes, expert navigators of the male
unconscious mind.
Though these women may not appear to be doing much on the
surface level, but on a deeper layer, they are setting off
emotional explosions that give him a mighty urge to express his
affection for her.
Now, while the effects are tasty, we still have to deal with the
bitter reality that many men fall out of love without exactly
giving a two-week warning. The power of his unconscious mind
can either be your best friend or your sworn enemy!
While positive attachment switches can make him jump to
worshiping you, negative attachment switches can send him
sailing in the opposite direction at an even faster pace. Your
man’s unconscious mind can either be a blessing or a curse for
you, depending on how savvy you are about how to interact
with it.
When the man’s unconscious mind has been energized by
something sweet that you’ve said, he’ll work to bring heaven on
Earth for you without a second thought. When a man’s
unconscious mind has been conquered by negative vibes, he’ll
be practically blinded by all of the giant signs pointing to an
When a man falls out of love, it means that his unconscious
mind has essentially changed channels. The man will transition
from willingly walking over hot coals to reach his woman, to
willingly climbing a barbed wire fence to get away from her.

Though a man just might logically address some key points
about a relationship that make him want to fly the coop, the
actual process of falling out of love is not something that he
plots on a spreadsheet. The unconscious mind always makes
the final call on whether or not a man will love or hate the idea
of sharing a life with you.
Simply put, the unconscious mind’s power cannot be
overstated. Neglecting to tend to a man’s unconscious mind is
as good as ASKING it to make you single. Using positive
attachment switches works against the negative ones that
cause millions of men to feel less for their relationship every
The unconscious mind absorbs everything around it just like soil
holds seeds – ultimately, you will reap everything that you sow.
Even if they may not seem extreme or dramatic, the little things
that you do and say are constantly forming the collective image
that your man has of you in his mind.
The women who seem to have a nearly supernatural ability to
make their man jump over the moon for them are using the
awesome power of IMAGE. They’re basically projecting a
constant flattering hologram of themselves into their men’s
minds, like a 24/7 advertisement campaign.
These women are constantly reinforcing a positive image of
themselves, strengthening the association between their
company and the man’s feel-good vibes.
When a man has “learned” to associate the mere sight, smell
and touch of you with instant positive sensations, his emotional
mind has taken the front seat. When the emotional mind has
taken the front seat, the attachment trigger is practically
begging to get pushed!
The more strongly her positive image has been reinforced, the

less the woman actually has to do in order to reach her man’s
emotional mind. With higher access to the emotional mind, the
easier it is for a woman to trigger the attachment switches that
make a man increasingly devoted to her.
With all of this in mind, the entire process couldn’t be simpler:
make the mental image that your man has of you a good one,
and as a result, he’s going to want to see the real deal more
often than not.
Now you might be wondering at this point – what is a simple
way that you can actually reach a man’s emotional mind after
the positive image has been projected?
The best way to trigger that attachment switch in the man’s
emotional mind is actually the oldest one. All that you need to
do is activate the man’s natural protector instinct. The protector
instinct is that natural drive in a human’s mind to serve as the
defender and provider for his mate. You’re gonna make him go
caveman mode in the best way.
Even after millions of years, that primal protector instinct is still
growling and prowling under the man’s skin at all times of the
In order to best make use of your man’s inner protector on a
regular day, you’re going to need to speak in a certain tongue.
Don’t worry, this isn’t something that you need to get a
translator book for. The language is grammatically identical to
the one you speak now, only it makes men call you back more
A man who is overcome with the mad will of the inner protector
will devote his life to you. You don’t need to climb any
mountains or reinvent the wheel – a man’s natural protector
instinct will literally do all of the work when it emerges, and all
that you have to do is delicately lay the foundation in your

man’s subconscious for its arrival.
The ability to speak the language that summons the protector
within him is a priceless skill, and I call these verbal techniques
“Lovetraction Lines”! In later sections, you’re going to be
introduced to an A+ collection of beautiful little phrases that call
his inner protector like snake charmer.
When your man’s unconscious mind is breached and the
attachment trigger is flipped with just a simple sentence, you’ll
understand just what it is that makes those other women so
aggravatingly good at making men walk through fire for them.
A woman who has injected Lovetraction Lines into her speech
can practically enlist an army to defend her in a grocery store.
The reason that this protector instinct is so intense and
overriding is due to the fact that it’s linked to the oldest parts of
his entire psychological makeup. The genetic wiring that
charges up the protector instinct was already live and active for
a long time before you first met him, and it exists to be
The existence of the protector instinct illustrates that your man
has been composed by nature itself to defend you and make
you happy. When a man happily struggles through the physical
discomfort he may experience when he’s doing something for
you, it’s because his protector instinct is practically getting a
massage while his body strains.
The ancient protector instinct needs to be exercised frequently
in order to be kept in balance, but unfortunately, not all women
are aware of just what they can do in order to activate it. A
man’s protector instinct rarely atrophies, but it needs to be
triggered periodically in order to keep him feeling like “the
If your man isn’t satisfying that ancient drive within him by

satisfying the protector instinct, all kinds of bad stuff can occur.
A man who feels unfulfilled may start to become insecure about
his own worth as a competent partner to you, which can lead to
serious friction, fallout, and whining in the long run!
Activating the protector instinct within your man is a win-win
deal – you will have a happier, more devoted man in your life if
you activate it constantly. You have the power to do both
yourself and your man a favor with the simple use of these
Lovetraction Lines. In the following sections, I’m going to share
these invaluable verbal techniques to get you started.
By the time you’ve managed to take all of the Lovetraction lines
completely to heart, you would have learned how to become
that mind-boggling woman with the mysterious power to turn
men into suitors!


Section 1 – Unwrapping the Male
This book is a product of years of study and more years of
flopped dates. The frustration of every lady out there with a
luckless love life has served as the fuel for this vessel, and now
comes the time for liftoff!
In the very beginning of my research, I networked with a man
named Lance Taylor. As a “Hypnosis Expert”, Lance has a
special talent to help his clients absorb the gist of his message
on subconscious level.
Lance has developed a bit of a cult following for his intense
psychological strategies. His coaching was formerly a ladiesonly affair, but that changed after he could observe one of my
most successful experiments. After getting to see the results of
my experiment in action, Lance was so blown away that he
opened the door to male clients as well!
Not very long after he opened coaching methods to male
clients, the floodgates opened and down came the tidal wave.
As a relationship coach, Lance was prepared for a range of
cases that range from mildly unsettling to borderline vomitinducing hazards of the job!
Eventually, a certain client reached out to Lance that changed
his perspective forever. The client was not an inspirational
speaker, just your standard fare womanizer.


He could rotate through women with more ease and less moral
hang-ups than rotating a sunglasses kiosk. This was the type
of man whose name simply couldn’t be spoken in the same
breath as the word “commitment”.
One day, this man found himself in a situation that contradicted
everything he stood for. This client had inexplicably found
himself caring about a woman.
He had pledged his body and soul to being a master of “game”,
but suddenly, the game master was breaking his own rules. He
had tried building himself up into the ultimate player, but the
player was starting to lose to himself, and it filled him with
Try as he might, he just couldn’t shake off this phantom that
made him unable to take his mind off of this woman’s face
whenever he had a spare moment. He couldn’t figure out, for
the life of him, why it took so much energy to make sense of
the reason why he couldn’t just brush her off like all of the
others and be done with it.
When Lance listened to the man describe his situation, he could
almost feel the desperation and confusion radiating from his
client. It was almost unfathomable that the wannabe pimp was
saying that a woman made him have feelings above the waist.
There are plenty of men who are so caught up in the need to
prove themselves through sexual conquests that they start
seeing women on the same level as dress s socks. Lance’s client
described himself in a way that made it sound like he had
certainly been one of the more extreme cases, but this new
woman was making him feel like a schoolboy with his first

The client claimed that just the mere thought of this woman
was enough to make his entire day suddenly feel hopeful. He
had become addicted to her every little silly word, and the
butterflies in his stomach became aggressive at the slightest
touch of her.
In a sense, this woman was interacting with Lance’s client in a
way that made him play into her frame. They weren’t doing
anything spectacularly unique, but the feelings he got were
doing a spectacular job of messing with him.
When affection has reached a fever pitch, every little thing
takes on a brand new form. The same words spoken by a
woman that a man has no feelings for, and woman that a man
has become addicted to, may has well be as different as
jalapeno and banana flavor.
This man was thrust into brand new, frightening territory .His
ego was built on getting any woman he wanted, and when that
was challenged, it came down like a flimsy house of cards!
The world-bending sensations he was experiencing forced him
to bend his own rules. He burned all of his booty call lines. This
man was willing to give up on having one-night stands for the
rest of his life if it meant that the woman of his dreams would
be there next to him for it.
The impulsive feelings that make us want to jump somebody’s
bones come from the unconscious mind, just like emotions. At
times, the emotions can surpass the power of your lusty urges.
The desire that this man felt was greater than just one to have

sex - he was hurting to complete himself with this woman.
Lance thought the sky must have been falling with the tears
that fell from his client’s eyes. It was all just too surreal, but it
was still very real. As it turned out, there were plenty of other
men who would come to Lance because of their struggle with
overwhelming commitment pangs.
All over the world, men are having their entire realities flipped
upside down when they encounter a woman who makes them
want to shut away their little black books to become family
men. The process of falling in love hits these guys like assassin
from a fold in the air.
These men had the rug pulled out from under their entire selfimage, and once that happens, a man can be prone to do just
about anything. When the assuredness in “self” has been
challenged by love, all of the things that he used to claim that
we’d never do can suddenly become his new habits – this is
especially true when it comes to money.
One man had been consumed by his desire for a woman to be
his “one” that he literally made himself bankrupt trying to
please her. He may as well have poured gasoline on his saving
and set off firecrackers! He didn’t think about the state of his
bank account until the card declines made it impossible to
The lens of love present a very different reality when a man
wears them. Where most people would probably see a maniac
bleeding out a year’s worth of rent money for no reason, he
would see nothing more than opportunity to please the woman
of his dreams.

Compared to the chance of having her agree to be his wife,
major financial debt seemed like nothing more than a mere
inconvenience to him in the process. In these cases, financial
consequences can easily be swapped out with physical and
social consequences as well.
Another effect that love had on Lance’s clients was the
emergence of a “superpower.” These men had an uncanny
ability to describe the women with laser-like accuracy. The
physical range of women that his clients were describing was
endless, but each of them shared a disturbingly accurate
memory of those women’s looks.
You would think that these men learned how to describe their
dream women before learning the alphabet! One man actually
went as far as bringing in a picture of the woman who was
giving him lovesick dreams. Where a lot of men would normally
find “she’s really hot” to be an appropriate description, this man
found a library of novels for every single one of her features.
These women would literally be too bright to observe with
human eyes if they actually looked exactly as Lance’s clients
were describing them. To these men, the girl next door was the
cosmos given a human form. These men had learned to find a
woman’s existence even more attractive than her appearance.
Even if a man doesn’t “get” the feelings he has, he’ll know that
the feelings are some of the rarest things he has. He won’t have
any idea how the feelings arose, but he’ll know that they aren’t
feelings that he’s likely to experience again for a very long time.
On an unconscious level, he’s going to want to protect those
rare feelings like a rabid comic collector would defend the first

issue of Superman. The supply of those feelings is limited to
one woman in the entire world, and that means that the
demand is at an absolute maximum.
Lance had a certain client who was in his mid-twenties, and this
young man found himself catching feelings for a woman who
was more than old enough to be his mother.
Being attracted to a more mature woman is a perfectly normal
thing for a man to experience, but the thing that set this man’s
case apart from the other clients was a lack of any ability to
explain it in the slightest. Whereas other men could start
describing their dream women on Easter and keep going on
straight through Christmas, this man seemed to be at a total
lack of words to even start.
The sort of attraction that this man was feeling is the kind that
exists to be questioned and overwhelmed by. The mystique of
his attraction for her was enough to sustain his appetite to dive
deeper into it. He was at once given a high by the woman
herself, and mesmerized by the strength of his own feelings.
All that this man could tell was that there was just no turning
back from the avalanche of feelings. The age difference made it
difficult for him to find anything that they had in common, but
that didn’t discourage him in the slightest. He felt magnetized
to her by something and just couldn’t figure out where it began
or ended.
In this scenario, what Lance was witnessing was a complete
takeover by the emotional brain. In the previous section, we
went over just how powerful the unconscious mind is when
compared to the conscious mind – this is a perfect illustration of

what happens when emotions have won over.
Before feelings reach a complete fever pitch, we still like to
hang onto logic as a last-ditch effort. We might logically deduce
that the compatibility between our personalities and the
personalities of the people we are in love with is important to
keep in mind.
We might compare and contrast our own hobbies and the
hobbies of the people we’re seeing. Once the comparison has
been made, we might come to conclusion of just how much of a
good idea it is to continue moving forward. We might convince
ourselves that we’re making an educated decision.
When the emotional brain runs more and more independently,
the logical measures that we might use to assess our
connections to another person are taken out of the equation.
The truth of the matter is that the things we see as having “in
common” with the ones we love are really just attempts to
make sense of the feelings, but may not actually be the source
of those feelings themselves.
It’s literally the same as confusing cause with effect!
Lance’s client is a perfect example of how you don’t need to
have a single square of common ground with another person to
get obsessed with them. When we spend too much time fixating
on the logical plants in an emotional jungle, we’re at least ten
times more likely to get lost.
Hundreds of cases would follow that mirrored that client’s
experience with the older woman, and sometimes it would
appear that each one could potentially outdo the last.

No matter whether the man is successful or a complete slob,
the cycle repeated itself yet again. Lance came to see that it
really didn’t matter how commitment-phobic the guy was once
bitten by the mysterious little love bug.
What was even more astounding to see was that these men
were seemingly managing to fall for women that they would
claim weren’t even their type in the first place. These men were
willfully breaking their own standards and replacing them with
the unshakable belief that they had found water on a desert
It took several months of experimental coaching methods
before Lance started to realize something too weird to be
ignored. As he listened to all of these men go on about these
women, he noticed three constant patterns between all of their
1- “She’s the hottest thing in the universe!”

Lance discovered that these men were experiencing a serious
emotional buzz that made them view a certain woman as THE
most attractive woman in the entire world, without exception or

As much emphasis as there is in society on physical
attractiveness, physical attraction still isn’t something that
we’ve been able to determine a scientific formula for explaining
from top to bottom. We can explain the biological stuff at work

in the body after the attraction has already happened, but
pinpointing Square 1 remains a serious challenge.

We can attempt to make sense of the physical attraction by
attempting to reach a general consensus on what’s hot and
what’s not, but this never even lasts enough to make it through
a single generation.

What it seems to be is that the logical factors of physical
attraction are almost completely meaningless when emotions
start meddling. Just like every other situation that we’ve talked
about where the unconscious mind beats out the conscious
mind, rational physical attraction is defeated by instinctual

In a sense, it’s like the parts of our minds that identify a person
as physically attractive are actually being PILOTED by emotions!
What a man may have found boring or unattractive on women
before will suddenly become the mark of a supermodel on the
woman that he loves, and he probably won’t even realize it, let
alone understand it.

When we see a person’s alleged standards for physical
attraction get completely wiped out by an emotional surge, we
can also see how a person might suddenly start finding all kinds

of Unattractive things about their ex once the emotions have
worn off.

Let’s be honest, we may have all done that at some point. One
bad break and Prince Charming looks like Quasimodo.

When the emotional sandstorm has settled and the love is no
longer all-powerful, “logical” reasoning will suddenly start to
creep back into the frame of the man’s mind. Where he may not
have even been able to put this former partner’s beauty in
words when they first met, he might find it easy ways to
compare her to a flounder fish when things go sour.

Understanding this contradictory truth of physical attraction is
essential to being aware of just what happens when a man has
truly fallen into the deepest caverns of love. If you can become
good enough at activating a man’s attraction switches, then the
physical attraction to you will be something that he always finds
himself at loss to explain.

“Reasons? I don’t need reasons!”

Lance’s clients needed less reasons to justify their attraction
than a duck needs to justify quacking! Men who were normally
rational and patient will themselves on spending sprees that
would make Las Vegas look like a financial wisdom workshop.
If you could peer into the logical brain of a man who is

splurging on a woman with money that he literally needs in
order to eat, then you would probably see a sign that reads
“Out to Lunch”. The emotional brain, however, will be nothing
but fireworks and trumpets.
Being in love can literally be compared to the effects of a drug.
If you ask a man just why he thought it would be a good idea to
spend 700 dollars on a single date with a woman when he only
makes 20 dollars an hour, you’re asking the wrong kind of
question – “thinking’ never had anything to do with it, and
that’s exactly why he did it so willingly.
If not breaking their banks in half, these men were also prone
to unconsciously doing things to please their women that would
embarrass them tremendously in hindsight. It was almost as
though someone or something had literally hypnotized them in
the moment of being faced with that special woman.
The man in love, in some interpretations, might not even be the
same person when out of love. When out of love, a man can
easily make logic the commanding drive of his everyday life.
Rational choices are easy to make when they aren’t being
interrupted by the impatient growls of the unconscious mind.
When love strikes, however, the growls of the unconscious mind
become a deafening roar! The roar completely ATOMIZES logic,
like a lollipop hit by magnum bullet. The things that we learn in
life to apply for smarter survival are only possible to make use
of because of logic, and so when a man’s logic is compromised
at a base level, so is his ability to make use of those lessons.


3 -“Pleasing these women made them ridiculously happy”.
One of the craziest things that Lance observed was the fact that
these men were pleased simply by pleasing their idealized
women. Without even receiving anything specific in return,
these men were seeking out ways to make their women happy
for the sake of doing it.
You might even be able to say that the opportunity to please a
woman becomes like a sort of opiate for the man, completely
apart from any other reward. Of course there might be some
real incentives that the man associates with doing the favor, but
when this happens often enough, the man will literally associate
the favor with the reward.
Once the favor itself has become associated with positive
feelings, the man will go out of his way to make himself useful
in as many ways as possible. What he may have seen as a
chore will become a privilege and an honor. A man who is falling
out of love will lash out at his significant other for nagging
about housework, but a man truly in love will rarely ever need
to be nagged at all.
After seeing how common these effects were, Lance’s curiosity
was at its peak. Lance put himself on the case to track down
the truth, and for the next year, he dove into his research.
Lance consulted a ton of cognitive psychology therapists and
read books tirelessly.
At the end of that year of intense research, Lance was able to
lock onto a very promising lead: “phenylethylamine”, also called
the “Love Hormone”.


Simply put, the Love Hormone is like a horn that calls out man’s
natural protector instinct from its cave. When the Love
Hormone is in play, the man’s desire to be a protective and
supportive mate can override his consciousness. The Love
Hormone is basically Cupid’s arrow!
Whenever you get a certain “gut feeling” in your stomach that
makes you feel like you were meant for a certain person, that’s
the Love Hormone doing its job behind the scenes. When you
look at a random object or hear a song that makes you think of
a certain someone, and it immediately makes you feel amazing,
that’s the Love Hormone pulling your strings.
All the Love Hormone needs in order to activate is an indirect
mental association – as long as it ties back to the person you
love, it’s legitimate.
A certain kind of chemical process occurs when the Love
Hormone has been activated. When the Love Hormone goes to
work, it makes a man’s brain start sending out pulses that
chemically speed up the beating of his heart. The chemical that
leads to faster heart palpitations here is known as the “Bonding
When the Bonding Chemical has reached a strong enough
concentration level in the body, the man will feel an incredibly
pleasant wave of satisfaction ripple through his body.
If a man associates you with the feelings that come from Love
Hormone activation, the results are a BIG. You are going to be a
recurring image in his mind that he becomes addicted to.
Once the image of you has become something that he has

become addicted to, he’s going to feel an urgent need to
commit to you. His main priorities are going to become focused
on your pleasure and comfort above all other things. In the
dimension that man enters when he’s in love, time itself
become trifles compared to the ability he has to please you.
If you’ll recall from the previous section, Lovetraction Lines are
verbal techniques that you can use to manually encourage the
appearance of a man’s protector instinct. With what we’ve just
covered, you’d be right to assume that Lovetraction Lines
awaken the protector instinct by triggering the Love Hormone
within him.
The Love Hormone is nestled deeply in a man’s emotional mind,
and with a Lovetraction Line, you’re basically singing a siren
song directly to it.
If you’re constantly wrestling with the question of what it is that
men really want, then you are in the company of just about
every woman who seeks out relationship help. An even more
satisfying question that you could have answered is – “What
makes a man experience feelings towards a woman in the very
first place?” While it would be ideal, there are no perfect
You could scour the globe from northeast to southwest, and you
still wouldn’t find a complete and undeniable answer to the
question of what establishes the very first seed of attraction
from the ground-up. Even if we can’t know the absolute truth,
what I can offer you is best answer that we’ve managed to form
after centuries of studies on love.
Imagine that the world is like a giant open-air marketplace, and

the hottest thing being traded is emotion. We are perpetually
trading emotions with one another in this marketplace, just by
being around one another. We all derive some sense of
satisfaction out of feeling wanted and excited, and this connects
to our natural desire simply to feel good- emotions are traded
for this desire.
You might be able to make another metaphor for this that
doesn’t involve a marketplace, but at the end of the day, the
truth is that all of us have a drive to simply feel good.
When a man has truly fallen in love with you, then you have to
understand that you have become like a water source for his
good feelings. Beyond having to actively do or say things that
make him feel happy, when he is in love, your existence alone
is what makes him experience those positive sensations that we
are all seeking in the emotional marketplace.
It may begin with something you do or wear, but once it begins,
the man will get an incredible high just from being in your
presence. There are many differences between the sexes, but
the state of a man in love is identical to the state of a female in
love. When you’ve fallen in love with a man, you have come to
see that man’s essence as a powerful source of positive
When you are able to feel like you can move a building simply
by being around a person, it’s only natural that you’d like to be
around them more often! When someone gives you the
euphoria of love, you both desire their happiness and company
– you desire to win their affection so that they’ll willingly be
around you for as long as possible.


The trading of emotions is never-ending and over-arching – in
addition to being aware of that, you should also be sure to
understand the fact that an emotional trade is not always based
in logic. The emotional marketplace is not a logical marketplace,
and that makes it a very chaotic marketplace indeed.
There are lots of women in the world who, despite the illogical
nature of emotions and love, are convinced that there are
perfect logical reasons why they couldn’t ever possibly be loved.
Women out there are completely convinced that simply because
they don’t look a certain way or aren’t in a certain age group,
there’s no hope for them in romance.
Now if you think back to the men I was describing before, who
came to Lance for advice on their reality-defying obsession with
women of all shapes and sizes, can’t you see how ridiculous it is
to give up on being loved because of your looks? You might not
think that you have the right type of body for that one special
guy, but that shouldn’t make you short-sell yourself.
When certain women give up on believing that they aren’t
attractive enough to reach their standards of their ideal man,
they might start to think that their only hope in the situation is
to lower their own standards. A woman who has decided to
drop her standards might as well have practically made
themselves allergic to the man of her dreams.
If you can just take a good look at some of jaw-droppingly
strong feelings of attachment that men can develop for women
of a literally infinite array of physical appearances, you’ll
understand how untrue it is that looks are everything.
Looks are something, but to call them everything is a ticket to

Hurtsville! Women who doll themselves up for a better love life
without improving anything else are very, very good at learning
things the hard way.
When a man can get high off your presence, you’re going to be
10 out of 10 in his mind on just about any day of the year.
The “Love Hormone” is completely responsible for the way that
you identify a certain man you see out there as the “the one”.
When the Love Hormone activates, your brain’s pleasure and
reward zone has made an executive decision on what the
person it wants to see more of and more often.
At this point, you should have a pretty solid understanding of
just what it is that sets off those sparks of attraction in a
person’s mind. You’re well aware of the distinction between
physical attraction, and an all-powerful Love Hormone
activation. You’re ready to understand how it is that just a few
mere words can trigger a man’s protector instinct and Love
The truth of that matter is that these seemingly magic words
are more than just words, but not necessarily magic. Every
word is embedded with a set of INSTRUCTIONS.
When our brains receive the instructions carried by spoken
words, two things can happen:
1. We respond in a way that fits into rational social rules.
2. The words leave an emotional impact and set off alarms!


When a word is spoken, be it “bloody murder” or “cuddle”,
feelings AND images have been transferred. Depending on the
word, either the graphic image or the feelings created by the
word can be more powerful than the other.
Whenever a spoken word is heard, the brain immediately
processes images so that it can categorize that feeling. The
sound of the word might travel through our ears, but at the
same time, we are mentally traveling through several
hypothetical places in our minds at light speed to identify the
The words create the images, and then all of those images
reinforce the feelings – this is the fundamental nature of the
Lovetraction Lines that I’m going to be sharing with you.
What I’ve done here is put together a winning combination of
words that have been proven to trigger those images that stir
the primal protector.
When the words are spoken at the right possible time, striking
the iron while it is hot, his attraction reaches a fever pitch. A
truly attracted man will become addicted to the feelings that
come from the emotional impact of your words.
The words might either be spoken in-person or in a text, but
once they’ve been received, the ultimate end result is the same.
Use Lovetraction Lines and you can observe how he becomes
increasingly infatuated with you.
Alright, at this point we’ve covered more than enough gritty
details about the maze of male psychology. Now that you
understand just how much leverage you can gain by loosening

up the Love Hormone, we can start doing this dance for real!
You know the system, and now it’s time to learn how to make
that system work for you – let’s start breaking into the specifics
of how to do that in the next chapter.


Section 2 – Precious Honeybunch
Now it’s finally time that we start discussing how we can put
these Lovetraction Lines in action. Don’t be worried that you’re
going to have to memorize any monologues to pull this off! You
can relax, this won’t be like a high school drama class; even so,
you’ll still be on your way to getting an “A+” in the school of
The golden rule here is that these lines are SIMPLE and SWEET.
I actually sometimes interchange the term “Precious
Honeybunch Lines” with Lovetraction Lines. This type of
language is friendly enough to be low-risk and even flattering to
the man you’re speaking to, but the point is that it still creates
positive discomfort.
Once you get a good grip on the sort of impression that this
type of language gives off, you’ll find that all of the
psychological complexity we’ve been talking about is almost
shockingly easy to apply and benefit from. If you’re the type
who learns best from doing, then this will all be a breeze.
Now before we start cracking into the simple and sweet
goodness of these lines, I’d like to share a story about a friend
of mine that you just might relate to.
This is the story of a good friend of mine named Cassie. First of
all, Cassie is an absolute sweetheart. She is cute in that “quirky
girl next door” type of way that makes the atmosphere just a

little bit lighter wherever she goes.
Unfortunately, just like me and you, Cassie wasn’t exactly
hitting home runs in the dating department. Cassie is a unique
soul, but sometimes her quirks could make her come off to men
as a little bit “weird”. She’s far from being a murderous lunatic,
but her off-beat personality made it hard for her to find
common ground with your average guy.
Like so many women before her, Cassie got into a habit of
beating herself up for every date that fell through. We’ve all had
an awkward situation or two that makes us want to collapse on
the bed and groan our regrets into the pillow, and Cassie was
experiencing a successive string of these.
She started getting a bit socially anxious and critical of herself.
She was starting to act like a glum investigator, obsessed with
solving the case of what it was about her that made men want
to buy one-way plane tickets.
One day she would blame her “love handles”, and they next day
she’d say it was her forehead. No matter what the case, Cassie
was convinced that she was the pinnacle of “UN-DATABLE”
given a human form to walk the earth.
Wonderfully Weird
Being Cassie’s friend, I was naturally inclined to let her know
that she wasn’t literally the reincarnation of Swamp Thing. I
wanted badly to give Cassie hope, because just like her and
perhaps even you yourself, I once struggled with feeling “weird”
to guys.


There are plenty of people out there who argue that being
normal is actually even weirder than being “weird”. Being the
weird one means you have a memorable personality. The times
when “weird” becomes a problem is when it affects your selfconfidence to the point of self-loathing.
You should find ways to let your personal weirdness billow like a
flag, not drag you down like an anvil. It was one unremarkable
day in the distant past when I got the epiphany to address this
problem. While I was struggling with the problem of figuring out
what I could do to make men recognize all of my best traits, I
had a shocking realization: I was doing it backwards!
Instead of obsessing over all of the ways I could try “selling” my
personality to man, what I should have been doing (and what I
suggest that all women do), is encourage a man to become
even more critical about himself.
Do you know all of that time you can waste waiting by the
phone in distress after a date that left you feeling unsure?
Some women could have written books in all of the time
dedicated to that. When that happens, what is it that you’re
feeling? You’re feeling regret, for one, but you’re also thinking
about him. Your thoughts are virtually invaded by him.
What we’re basically going to do here is flip the script. I’m
going to show you just how easy it is to lead some very
engaging conversations while you’re on a date with any man. If
you can take what I’m sharing here to heart, at the end of that
date, you will not be the one left with the lion’s share of
nervous uncertainty about what’s going to happen next.
What we’re actually going to do here is something called

“Positive Discomfort”. It means giving a guy a cocktail of
pleasure, mixed with some discomfort. This makes him feel a
sudden urge to chase you & capture you.
Here is where the process of developing positive discomfort is
going to start looking really good.
Let me just try and illustrate the beauty of this reversal with a
personal story of my own.
I was on a date with this guy that had, up until that point, been
more or less standard fare. We were in the middle of our date,
still scoping each other out.
It wasn’t yet the time for us to exchange our sweet goodbyes
and split off into “did they really like me?” land, but we were
still starting to just form some solid impressions of one another
that would set the date’s tone.
He asked me what I thought of him so far. It was a fairly
mundane question, but in truth, he may as well have just
opened up a jar full of cookies and diamonds.
When a guy casually asks you what you think of him, he’s
offered you an opportunity to flip him on his head so strongly
that it could make a judo master blush. The thing you have to
appreciate is the fact that he expects you to give him a straight
answer; you can have a lot of fun with this expectation.
Now to be honest, I didn’t even quite realize exactly what I w
as doing when I did it, but I thank my lucky stars for doing it on
reflex. After he asked me what I thought of him, I blurted out,
“Well I think you’re a really nice guy, but I did notice something

a little bit weird about you.”
I could write additional books about the expression that washed
over his face when he heard that. It wasn’t at all what he had
expected, but it had seized his attention in a BIG way. At first
he might have only been slightly curious, but my answer made
him downright ravenous for answers. I could practically see the
confused impatience flickering in my date’s eyes.
As if on cue, he floundered against my answer with a satisfying,
“Um, what’s that?”
My response was the stuff of paid vacations and complimentary
dessert. I said, “Well, it’s nothing major. Maybe I’ll talk about it
when I know you better.”
“Nothing major”, “know you better”, and “maybe”. Words like

these were made so that they could be put together in
sentences that give you power, and you must accept that power
This isn’t the type of power that breaks through walls, but
rather the kind that seeps into a crack in the wall and expands
until the whole thing comes crumbling down under its own
In that moment, I had just successfully used a Lovetraction Line
for the very first time. What I had said wasn’t bitchy or critical,
but innocent. It complimented him but at the same time it
confused him.
After that quick exchange with the man, his entire persona
seemed different. He stuttered a bit more, he laughed

nervously at things that weren’t all that embarrassing. He
became a lot more complimentary, almost in a deferential sort
of way.
You really just can’t overstate how far just a tiny bit of curiosity
can go when it comes to creating a powerful sense of interest.
By not letting him onto everything that I was thinking, but
giving him a compliment under the fog of doubt, I had drawn
the beginning of a “circle of attraction”.
Want to know what it is that makes this tiny bit of curiosity so
The thing that we’re dealing with here is what’s called the
“reptilian brain”.
The Reptilian Brains
The best way to describe the reptilian brain is that it seeks to
maximize your pleasure and minimize your discomfort. The
reptilian brain compels you to only seek the good things and
avoid the painful things - this is a way to increase your chances
at survival.
Most people don’t go completely through life only listening to
their reptilian brains, but it still holds a great deal of influence.
When it comes down to it, the reptilian brain operates in
accordance to two main rules.
Rule Number One - Reason is Forfeit
Compared to your logical brain, the reptilian brain has

absolutely nothing to do with calculated reasoning skills. The
reptilian brain’s primary objectives are to maximize pleasure
and minimize pain, plain and simple. When it comes to the
decisions that you make, only the ratio of enjoyment to
inconvenience matters to the reptilian brain - if the latter
outweighs the former, the reptilian brain opposes it.
Rule Number Two - Pleasure is the Principle Priority
Because the reptilian brain doesn’t have any capacity for logical
reasoning, it relays its messages with extreme volume and
urgency. To the reptilian brain, any chance to be satisfied is a
chance that shouldn’t be missed for the world! Therefore, when
the reptilian brain has decided that something must be
acquired, it won’t be easily be swayed by the words “No”.
For example, if I say : “DON’T think of a big, fat, blue COW”,
what do you think the person I say that to is immediately going
to start thinking about? It is impossible to clear your head of
certain thoughts by thinking about not thinking about them,
and that’s why the reptilian brain can’t be discouraged when it
hears that something is unavailable or unattainable.
When I told that man that I was unsure about a certain quality
of his, it basically spoke right to his reptilian brain. When his
reptilian brain received the message that my answer wasn’t
immediately available, all that happened as that its desire for
my answer was intensified to an even higher degree than
Intrigue and Obsession Mode
When a man’s reptilian brain has been set into a frenzy of

desire for something that it has been a challenged to have, he
will begin to shift into certain “states” illustrating the condition
very clearly. When I first gave my date my answer, his initial
confusion put him into INTRIGUE mode.
Intrigue mode is exactly what it sounds like. In the state of
intrigue, a man is fueled by the uncertainty surrounding your
true feelings. If you’ve successfully baited him with innocent but
unclear answers, he’s going to start making greater efforts to
uncover the truth. In essence, you will have left him a trail of
breadcrumbs to follow towards your clear opinion.
Now of course, you can’t just give up all of the answers just
when he’s become intrigued. If you immediately satisfy his need
for answers as soon as he shows intrigue, then you risk
breaking the intrigue mode and winding up back at square one.
If you hold fast and don’t let him have his curiosity satisfied
right away, however, he’s going to advance from Intrigue Mode
to an even more intense state. The state that follows Intrigue
Mode is what we call Obsession Mode.
In Obsession Mode, the man’s reptilian brain is indignant. He’ll
be past the point of mere curiosity about what your feelings are
and become completely fixated on understanding just what it is
that you meant to communicate to him.
When Obsession Mode has been achieved, you don’t need to
worry about whether or not you’ve left a good impression any
more - in essence, you will have left the deepest and most
effective impression that can be left on a man interested in a
woman. He won’t have all of the answers, but all he’ll know is
that he harbors an unshakable need to figure you out.

Now of course, there are plenty more Lovetraction Lines than
the one I used in my story above. In truth, the type of things
that you could say are really only limited by your personal level
of creativity.
To make this easier, there are some clear-cut examples below of
the sort of things that you can say to a man who probably
expects you to tell him exactly what you think about him. The
usage of these phrases aren’t just limited to when he asks you
what you think of his personality, so the potential is huge.
If you can flip these phrases on the man at the most
appropriate times, then you’ll see firsthand just how effective a
Lovetraction line is at giving the love game some serious
"You know, this is the first date that excites me and
freaks me out a little at the same time.
This is the kind of phrase that you’re going to be able to use at
the very beginning of the date. Note how the line opens with
the expression of your genuine excitement at being on the date,
which establishes a quick and sweet connection between the
two of you that will have him feeling pretty good.
Now, immediately after that sweetness comes the stinger,
“freaks me out a little”. You want to be sure to add in “a little”,
so that he doesn’t get the idea that you think he’s some kind of
untrustworthy ax slasher; at the same time, what you’re doing
is letting the very first little shadows of uncertainty start to
creep up into his mind and provoke some questions.
First and foremost, he’s probably going to start wondering if it’s

actually him that’s freaking you out or something entirely
different. As soon as he gets the idea that something about him
just might be weirding you out, his mind is going to start
spinning into a little damage control mode.
He may not even flat-out say that it’s bugging him, but he’s
going to be running a thorough and rushed mental inspection of
everything about him that might possibly be giving off a freaky
vibe. In this simple phrase, what you’ve managed to do is lay
the foundation for Intrigue Mode to arise in the very first
moments of the date. This is what it means to hit the ground
“You seem to be a person who has real opinions and likes

to have fun! Just like me! There is so much more I want
to say, but I’m holding it for the right time.”
Now, towards the middle of the date (assuming that two of you
can still stand each other, you’re in prime territory to start
laying down some more sweet and tasty little lines to make his
intrigue gain a little bit of additional heat.
In this statement, you’re communicating something that’s a
little bit more intimate than the example of what could be said
at the beginning of the date - this is a natural escalation of
With this phrase, you’re offering that reptilian brain its optimal
ratio of pleasure to discomfort. He’ll be invigorated by the fact
that it seems you legitimately like him, but at the same time,
there will be a festering little pit of resistance to the fact that
you’re still keeping something unknown.


The impact of the positive things that you said will be
complimented by that which you’ve chosen to omit. He’s not
going to completely understand if the gravity of that
unmentionable thing is really so intense that it could outweigh
the positives, and that’s exactly what we want! We want to
keep him fed enough to develop an appetite, but always a little
bit hungry.
Now the range of contexts in which you could use this line
below is pretty versatile, but no matter how you choose to use
it, it will serve you well. In this phrase, you’re going to make
him refocus his perspective from him to you
"Well, most of my life I've been trying to be this super
nice girl, and I thought that this is what guys wanted. A
really clean, always straightforward kind of gal. But the
funny thing is...I actually have this really intense weird
side to me, but I only reveal it to guys I can trust."
This is the type of line that you’re going to could effectively
insert a stinger at the middle or the date. Out of all of the
different opportunities that you have to use these lines, the end
of the date is probably the most vital opportunity of them all.
Whatever gets said towards the end of the date will tend to be
what echoes the loudest in your minds after you part ways. In
this situation, what you’re basically doing is making sure that
he leaves with the question of your true self buzzing about in
his mind.
If you’ve moved through the date by successfully leading him
through statements that make him question his own character,
then a sudden flip to mentioning your personality might be like

a splash of cold water on his face. He might have been
wondering if the type of girl you are is really attracted to the
guy you think he is, and this will intensify his intrigue yet again.
After describing yourself, you say, " you think
you prefer brutally honest women or nice ones?"
Now in this phrase, what’s actually happening here is the fusion
of focus on his personality and your own. While you’re directly
asking him about one of his qualities, he probably won’t miss
the fact that his answer could potentially give you an
impression of his thoughts about you.
When he’s thinking of himself and you in the same train of
thought, he’s starting to build the kind of association that
escalates the Intrigue Mode into the next state.
"Well, honestly I've been told I'm one of the most nicest
people you'd ever encounter. My friends actually think
I'm even a little bit crazy. But I do this secret little thing
in my head where within the first 5 minutes I can figure
out whether things will work out or not and that’s why I
asked you this question.”
(Or Alternatively)
"I'll probably be kicking myself later tonight with
regret....but what do you think about checklists?"
Now if he’s been having any kind of uncertain thoughts about
whether or not you’re really sizing him up, then a line like this
is going to confirm it. At the end of the date, you’ll basically be
letting him know that he’s reached the end of a “performance

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