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Etienne Musq
13 lotissements les castors
13700 Marignane
Tel: +33633059242
Driving license (car, motorbike and boat)
(Born the 6th April 1991)

2013- Present: ECAM Master’s Degree in Engineering through a combined work and
study program expected – ECAM Lyon, Graduate School of Engineering of Industrial
& Mechanical Engineering in partnership with ITII Lyon option lean manufacturing.
2012-2013: preparatory program to get into a French engineering program with
ECAM at Bourg en Bresse.
2010-2012: Undergraduate Degree in two years in Mechanical and Production
Engineering at the IUT, Aix en Provence.
2009: French Scientifie “Baccalaureat” (high school Diploma) in St Louis in Gignac

Professional Experience
2013-present: apprenticeship of engineer in maintenance in mechanics and sheet
metalwork at the nuclear power plant in Tricastin at Electricité De France.
 Maintenance contracts management
 Analysis of significant events of the nuclear security
 Essay of calculation notes
2013: internship of 14 weeks; at CNIM (Construction Industrielles Mediterranée) in
Seyne sur Mer in boiler works.
 Development of an application to create nomenclature of thermal power
2010-2012: apprenticeship of maintenance technician in a steel industry for
ArcelorMittal in Fos-sur-Mer.
 Realization of maintenance action
 Preparation and planning maintenance for railway and locomotives

Software and programming
 Design conception: SolidWorks 2008 : basic; CATIA V5: working knowledge
 Vba: advanced
 MS Office: advanced
 English: Intermediate
 French: native speaker

Interests and Achievements
Sport in club: handball for 6 years, rugby for 2 years.
Sport/passion: ski, diving, motorbike.

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