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Energy policy of Poland until 2030.pdf

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Within the meaning of the Act of 6 December 2006 on the rules governing the development
policy, Energy Policy of Poland until 2030 is considered to be a sectoral strategy. Apart from
the measures directly laid down in the documents, the objectives of the Policy will also be
implemented through other sectoral development programmes and operational programmes,
such as Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. The support from the
European funds for investments, actions for education, research and development, envisaged
in the national and regional operational programmes for the years 2007–2013, is an extremely
important element of the energy policy implementation.
The implementation of the energy policy will also be supported by periodical analytical and
forecasting works aimed at determining the impact of developments in legal and economic
environment on possible results of planned measures. The results of those works will be taken
into account while selecting optimal sets of tools to achieve the assumed policy objectives.
The government sectoral programmes for hard coal, gas, oil and electricity sector which were
in force before the adoption of the Energy Policy of Poland until 2030 will be analysed in
terms of their compliance with this document and will either be adjusted to it or will become
The Energy Policy of Poland until 2025, adopted by the Council of Ministers on 4 January
2005, and the Timetable for the implementation of executive tasks until 2008 specified in the
Energy Policy of Poland until 2025, adopted by the Council of Ministers on 12 July 2005,
become ineffective upon the adoption of this document.



Appendix 1. Assessment of implementation of energy policy since 2005
Appendix 2. Projection of demand for fuels and energy until 2030
Appendix 3. Action Plan for the years 2009–2012
Appendix 4. Conclusions
Assessment of Energy Policy