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Y : Damn, i’ve got an idea !
J : What’s up ?
Y : Do you agree that we are fucking bored ?
J : No, this is very interesting…
Y : We are fucking bored.
J : Ok, we are fucking bored.
Y : So, I’ve got an idea.
J : Oh, do you finally try to find a job ? I have heard that…
Y : Of course not, having a job is useless. Something worth : we are going to do videos.
Ok, let’s see somebody who likes video games.
J : Hum,hum…
Y : He is on his computer, he is bored and he wants to send us a challenge to achieve.
J : ok…
Y : So, he records a video with his smartphone or the first thing he finds, and sends it by email. That’s
it !
J : I understand the thing.
Y : And, because you are as useful as…
J : As what ? Piece of shit ?
Y : No, no, dont overestimate yourself, boy ! It would be like you were a fly…but you don’t even know
how to fly…So I will do it…yeah…
J : Good…ok…Wait a second ! Who would be that dumb to send us a challenge ?
Y : Oh, Challenge, where is it ? There… See ?
J : But we haven’t told to anybody yet.
Y : Dont worry…Internet.
J : Loser…
U : Hey Yuza, I have heard that you are looking for challenges so I challenge you to do « Before I
forget » on Guitar Hero with a score of 100%. Good luck !
Y : Pfff, another easy game. I’m disappointed…he sucks…
J : Easy ? I know that you are good with the joystick, but with a guitar…
Y : Go away or I give you a slap ! Thanks. Ready ? I will show you my new skill ! I haven’t started…
J : Even the game fucks you !
Y : Are you fucking kidding me ? Can you stop making fun of me and help me ?

J : Are you sure ?
Y : yeah…
J : Ok. So, what should I do ?
Y : I don’t know…maybe cheering for me like cheerleaders but without sex at the end…
J : Ok…but what is …
J : Blue. Green. Orange. Yellow. Blue. Green. Red. Red. Damn. Blue. Green. You’re wrong. Orange.
Yellow. Blue. Green. You’re wrong again, your score is going down. Blue. Green. Blue. It’s going
down. Not so bad, but not enough ! Blue. Green. Orange. Yellow. Orange. Yellow. Keep going. Red.
Y : SHUT THE FUCK UP ! Stop. Try to be more useful than only shout the colors. Please.
J : Ok, I understand. But what do you want me to do to be more useful ? Play ? Not an option…
While you are playing with your guitar, I will clean the room. It’s dirty.
Y : Dirty…Dirty Dancing…
J : What ?
Y : That’s it ! You’re a genius.
J : What ?
Y : I have to go in an rehearsal hall. And if you are going to bother me during the rehearse, I swear I
punch your face.
J : I didn’t say that, I said…
Y : And it was at this moment, I knew he fucked up.
I was right…even if I didn’t let him talk.
3 hours later…
A : Very nice rehearse, boys !
Y : I did everything possible. Bye, you look better with short hair.
J : What’s the… ? Where are they coming from ?
Y : Where do you think I was for 3 hours ? I have finished the challenge.
J : If you succeeded, it would be on the… Since when is it on the screen ?
Y : I told you, I have a huge skill. Oh, you did the houseworks. It’s so clean.
J : Yeah, and I’m fed up to always clean the room here.
Y : Ah, you miss a spider web over there.
J : Where ?
Y : Over there.

J : Oh, yes.
Y : Ah, I gonna make me useful by getting some rest.
Some rest later.
O : So, Yuza, you are cool, you are tough, you think you are swag with your nice hair cuts. But can you
finish the arcade mode in Street Fight 4, blind with at least 3 perfects ?
Y : Ah, i’m lucky. Bandana !

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