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Experience the challenges, the rewards and a world of opportunity working for
the leader in oilfield services! Every day in communities and field operations
around the globe we're collaborating, creating and contributing to our customers,
our shareholders, our employees and our planet.

The total test time is 1 hour. Please beain bv writing vour name


Phone Number:


English Te#t
PART I: Cof¥tDFehenslon:

SEC77ONA: £tead me peragrapf› careA///y andaz›awer ff›e qz›est/ons ff›at /o/low:
Sam and Anna studied Petroleum Engineering in the same university. Unlike Sam. Anna pursued a
cezeer in an oilfield service company as a field engineer. Sam has decidM that he would like to do
”something else with his cereer and is currently working in an advertising agency. Despite the fact that
Sam and Anna have different careers, they always help each other in achiwing their ‹:areer goals. On
one hand, Sam helped Anna by giving her creatiw ideas for her technical presentations. On the other
hand, Anna assisted Sam by explaining the technology related product relwBnt to the customere he
develops ‹mmpaigne for.
1. Sem and Arxse:
a. Are working in the aame company.
b. Have pumued the aeme cereer.



Never met eech other


Alway8 help each other

What Moea Anna do for a Ilvlngt
a. She studies Petroleum Engineering.
b. She wofks in an advertising agency.

She works as a field engineer.

d. She gives Sam c‹eativa ideas.

3. What do Sam and Anna have In commont
a. They both studied Petroleum Engineering.
b. They both have creative ideas.

They both understand technology related products.

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