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Residential Mortgage Canada
Mortgage Oasis is an individually owned business, operating under the umbrella of Avanti
Financial Services Inc.
We are in the business of assisting our clients when they make the largest purchase, they may
ever make, in their lives – buying their first home, or upgrading to their dream home.
This can be a very stressful time as there are many decisions to make such as, what
neighborhood to in, how big a house (what they can afford), amenities in the area, etc. Will this
be for long term or just a start-up home? If so, how much they want to stend at this stage of
the game.

Residential Mortgage
As Mortgage Brokers and Agents, we work with clients who do not have the know-how or time
to shop around whey buying their first home, renewing an existing mortgage or taking funds
out of their existing property, in the form of a Home Equity Loan, to fund small projects, home
renovation, for investments, or ta take a vacation with their families.

A Mortgage broker works directly with both the consumer and lenders to help borrowers get
approved for a mortgage.
If you’re looking to expand, change location, or even start a new business, one thing is for
certain: you’re going to need funding. See how we can help you finance your commercial
Our mortgage brokers can also find the agricultural mortgage finance that is best for you.
Owning a home involves more than just making the mortgage payments. The process can be
overwhelming, especially for first-time home buyers. There are closing costs, (Lenders fees,
Legal Fees, Inspection cost, Appraisal cost, Moving cost, Utility costs) in addition to your cost for
feed, clothes, children’ education, and everything-you-need-to-live cost.
Let one of our specialized residential mortgage agents help with a solution that fits your needs.

For more information please visit our website

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