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As a recent Logistics Engineer, who has already displayed his abilities by successfully
carried out different Supply Chain's projects. I aspire to become a logistics engineer specialist, who
helps the flows of supply chains of a multinational corporation on a global level.



French (Native proficiency), English (Full professional proficiency (TOEIC : 955))

Software proficiencies

Office Pack

VBA and programming languages (HTML/SQL/PHP)

ERP (SAP), Modeling (Witness), Computer-Aided Design (SolidWorks)

Work Experience

Company 1 , France
Supply Chain Planner
Analyzed work flow and scheduled customer orders based on material availability and
production capacity;
Coordinate with vendors, suppliers and contractors to ensure delivery of key materials;
Managed the coordination of the different departments to ensure that the orders are send on


7 Months
Company 2 , France

Leader Logistics Project

Analyzed and aligned processes to the new SAP system;
Managed transversal projects related to the production, customer relation, quality and
contact with supplier;
Incorporate news flows in the company in order to quantified and tracked the customer
samples whilst continuing to fulfill the qualities requirements.
6 months
Company 3 , France
Final Project of Engineer
Analysis of causes of gaps between the planned production and the real one;
Introduced investments proposals in terms of flexibility to meet the demand;
Project on sequencing a new scheduling system in term of changeovers (potentials gains :
3 Months

Company 4 , France,
Assistant Warehouse Manager
Identification of flows and processes in the warehouse;
Analyzed and quantified the benefits of the implantation of warehouse management system

Engineer's Degree

5 Years

General classes on supply chain management : Project Management, Inventory Management,
Process Optimization, Modeling System, Production Planning, Information system, Lean
Management System.
Master in Global Logistics Management (MGLM) program

Relevant modules on different transports modes (maritime, air, multi-modal).

4 Months

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