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Classic Shawl with Tassels
This shawl is luxurious, lightweight, open and airy, but really warm and cozy.

Loom: Knitting board with 66+ needles (28”
Knitting Board)
Yarn: Rowanspun DK, 100% pure new wool,
Need (6) skeins @ 50 grms or 219 yds each
Notions: Knit hook for lifting loops, Crochet
hook for edges and tassels.
Gauge: 3sts=1” 3 rows=1”
Stitches: Knit in Rib Stitch with 1” spacers.
This is the medium setting for the wood
spacers and requires 4” bolts. The beauty
of this piece is in the yarn and the open
double knit.
Size: 22” X 75” plus 4” tassels

Cast On 66 Stitches.
Lay anchor yarn.
Knit entire piece in Rib Stitch.
Total length is 225 rows.
Bind off all stitches very loosely.
Add tassels to all (4) corners.

© 2006 Authentic Knitting Board

Tassels are same yarn cut into 14” lengths. Use 25-30 strands for
each tassel. Open space between stitches where tassel will hang
about ½” from edge. Bring all ends together. Wrap snuggly with
additional strand of yarn and tie. Cut yarn same length as tassels.
Trim all tassels evenly.
A beautiful variation to this Shawl requires (3) additional skeins of
yarn & (84) needles.
Cast On (50) stitches at back end of board. (last 50 needles) Lay
anchor yarn.
Knit in Rib Stitch for (62) rows.
Next row, Increase (1) stitch at beginning of row between needles 1 and 2. (both boards).
Do this increase to the beginning of each row for additional (34) rows.
Knit next (10) rows in Rib Stitch with no increase or decrease.
Next row, decrease (1) stitch at beginning of row (both boards).
Do this decrease to the beginning of each row for additional (34) rows.
Knit in Rib Stitch for (62) rows.
Bind Off loosely from board and anchor yarn.
Add tassels.
When doing increase and decrease with Rib Stitch, you need to adjust the starting point as
the number of stitches change. Remember that each rib involves (2) stitches. After the first
increase or decrease, adjust the starting from needles 1 and 3 to needles 2 and 4. After next
increase or decrease, go back to the needles 1 and 3. Keep alternating the starting point after
each change. You can watch the formation of the rib pattern to know that the ribs remain


© 2006 Authentic Knitting Board

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