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We are a French couple who fell deeply in love with the French Antilles, where we've just
decided to move to and set up our new life. We started the « Les Antillaises » project together
in (insert year) and have recently opened our beautifully designed French round towels to the
Our goal was to offer a unique and eye-catching round beach towel, that captures the beauty of
our favorite island, (Martinique), where we often snap our photos in incredible locations for our
Facebook and instagram accounts. Our towel is both stunning and practical and was designed to
be shared thanks to its big size.
One warm summer’s evening when we were strolling hand in hand in Paris we thought about our
round towel being used by our families or groups of friends to picnic on in gardens. A place to
feel beautiful and share a special moment under the sun, drinking a glass of wine and nibbling
on some cheese and baguette. We wanted to combine beauty and quality and make a towel that
made a statement; whether it be a towel for the beach, a furnishing for the home, or a big round
picnic blanket for the park, it had to be big and it had to be beautiful.

Thanks to our joint experience in textile graphic design, we finally decided to make our dream a
reality and create our own line, we lovingly produced the designs and, once they were just right,
contacted one of the best producers, known for his impeccable quality and finish. He quickly
sent us some samples with different quality of tissues.
We finally decided to choose a 100% cotton towel with a thick and luxurious 480 GSM. There are
two different sides; the inside is covered in ‘terry loop’, which is designed to absorb humidity
and dry you off after a dip in the sea, and the outside, which is in a very soft and comfortable
velour. We decided a 160cm diameter was the perfect size and eventually added on a fringe as a
final touch.

We finally had chosen the one!

« Les Antillaises » towels use a reactive printing technique, which
links the ink to the fibers in order to safeguard a much longer lasting
of the color. As we’re both crazy about kitesurfing, we often travel
around the world to go in spots where the condition are the best to
practice that sport. While we were in Vietnam our supplier told us
that the final samples were ready, as we couldn’t wait to see them we
asked him to send them directly to our hotel!
Here they are! Our heart was bumping so fast as we were about to
open the package! They were just wonderful!
Our dream had flown, indeed, lots of Vietnamese families and
tourists asked us where they too can find these pretty and original
looking towels! That was such a great moment for us, we were
sharing our story with all these people.

As excepted, we arrived at the end of our own financial capacity, the production, the samples, the
brand protection, the website creation, the shooting and the different cost linked to our project
finally meant we were running out of money.
Thankfully lots of wonderful people who believed in our project helped us to achieve
production, with our towels being crafted at the beginning of 2016 and planned to be ready to
ship at the end of March. Please visit our ‘sponsoring’ page on our website to know more about
all the people who gave us a hand in our long brand story.

Now we need you!
It’s time to develop our collection and as you can guess we are a start up that can not afford a
great big advertising campaign. That’s why we would like you to give us a hand by sharing around
your community the towel of your choice that you will received as a gift.
You are somebody that we‘ve chosen because we feel you have something of your own to bring to
our brand « Les Antillaises », we like your style and, if you’re reading this text, it means that we
want you to be part of our story!

Don’t hesitate to visit our website and to join us on our social network
and share the models that you like!


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