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Sabayon de Fraises et meringue

Ingrédients :
• Ingredients: 600 g of
• 2 meringues bought at
the pastry cook

For the zabaglione:

• · 6 egg yolks
• 120 g of sugar
• 20 cl of dry white wine
(Typify Chardonnay)
• the juice of one 1/2

Stages :
1. Remove the stalk from
strawberries, and leave them
whole or cut them in two or in
four according to their size.
2. Cut meringues in pieces and
crumble them boorishly.
3. In a bowl heatproof, whip
egg yolks and sugar until the
mixture clears.
Carry in shiver the water in a
big pan to prepare a bainmarie.
Put the bowl above, pour the
white wine and the lemon
juice and whip 3 - 5 min, on
lively fire, until the preparation
Take away from the fire.
4. Fill small dishes or glasses
by alternated layers of
strawberries, crumbs of
meringue and zabaglione.
Put in a cool place until to

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