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About the Author

Phil has focused on studying the western martial arts since 1997.
In that time he has studied backsword with the Macdonald Academy of Arms,
rapier with the Sussex Rapier School and qualified as an Instructor and Full
Member of the Dawn Duellists Society and is also a Comtech Bowie Knife
He discovered a passion for the French school of fencing theory and practice
and developed his specialties in smallsword,sabre and antagonistics, which he
now teaches at the Black Boar School of Swordsmanship and promotes
through the Smallsword Symposium, an annual gathering of international
smallsword enthusiasts.
Phil has travelled to France, Italy and the USA to study at international events,
and has also taught at several British Federation for Historical Swordplay
(BFHS) national events in the UK, with whom he is an IL1 Instructor and