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Francis” attack, or other attacks by those from the suburbs and other
disreputable neighbourhoods.
Do not rely only on the revolver, which you will not always have about you.
Many do not carry one at all. Often it is not called for in many cases, and even
then using a number of the most brutal attacks will clearly be something to
avoid in the great number of altercations.
One can find oneself in many very different situations so a variety of methods
of defence is necessary, again, for the reason that some methods do not always
allow one to adapt to a situation with ease. If you were to be engaged in an
argument in a crowd, or caught between two rows of armchairs, chairs, or
tables, you cannot apply a fair number of the kicks from French boxing. There
are also a number of cane blows which require a fair amount of space to throw.
(Thrusts require much less). One may have been seized, by surprise or
otherwise, while finding oneself in darkness. It also happens that one is jostled
by others or hampered by the narrowness of the place where one is attacked: a
corridor, stairwell, &c. Sometimes the ground is less than favourable for
widening your stance. Very different situations need to be considered.
In summary, one must study many combat sports in order to combine their
use, as needed, but also to use one-or-other of them by itself, depending upon
circumstance. The study of these sports is also useful for the following reasons:
Not only as a form of preparation for combat in earnest, leading to the
exchange of blows and thus to a duel (1) where fighting is done with a handheld weapon which is designed for this purpose; but also as training in the type
of combat lying dormant beneath a thin veneer of politeness, which many
neglect, alas, as being from times past.
(1) Very rare, since the war, and well hidden: but there are still a certain number of
these types of encounters, especially among “secret societies”