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General terms of operation "#LetsRaceTogether"
ARTICLE 1 - Organisation
The company RENAULT (hereinafter "the Organiser"), a Simplified Joint-Stock company with capital of
533,941,113 Euros, having its registered office at RCS 13/15, quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92100 BoulogneBillancourt cedex, France is organising an operation "#LetsRaceTogetherContest" (hereinafter "the
Operation") without any obligation of purchase, from 18/04/16 to 27/11/16 inclusive.
The Operation and its promotion are not managed and sponsored by Twitter. In this connection, the
Organiser releases Twitter from all liabilities relating to all elements related to the Operation, its
organisation and its promotion.
ARTICLE 2 - Participation
2.1 This Operation is open to all natural persons, both major and minor, over the age of 13, excluding
persons from the organising companies and their related companies, and also their families. This
Operation is not accessible to minors of under the age of 13, due to the terms of use of Twitter.
In respect of the participation of minors aged 13 to 18, an authorisation of a holder of parental authority or
their major legal representative is required. Selected authors must prove their age before receiving their
prizes. In respect of all minor selected authors, the Organiser may require proof of the consent of one of
the parents or their legal representative, confirming their agreement to the participation of their child in the
Operation, and also to the award of the prize by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to select
another selected author when an initial selected author is not able to produce sufficient proof of the said
2.2 This Operation is accessible on the website (https://twitter.com/renaultsportf1) hereinafter the "Site",
via a Twitter post. It will be posted on the page's news feed, and also on the Twitter accounts and Renault
sites of the countries participating in the Operation, at 9:30 AM on 18/04/16, and the Operation will close
at 12 noon on 27/11/16. No participation outside this period will be taken into account. The Operation will
be effective for each official Grand Prix of the 2016 season, as defined by the schedule of the FIA.
2.3 A maximum of one single participation for each home (same name, same address). No participation
initiated with a temporary email, such as @yopmail.com, @jetable.net, @jetable.com, @jetable.org,
@spambox.us will be considered to be valid, and all such participations will be excluded.
2.4 Participation in the Operation implies express acceptance, without reserve, of all the stipulations of
the present general terms, of the ethical rules in force on the Internet (netiquette, code of conduct,
etc.), and of the laws and regulations in force in France.
2.5 Participation is prohibited for trademarks and commercial entities.
ARTICLE 3 - Principle of the Operation
Each participant is invited to send their message of support to the Renault Sport F1 Team stables via
Twitter using the hashtag #LetsRaceTogetherContest
Each message of support will lead to a personalised video, including the tweet of support and/or the name
of the participant's Twitter profile. This video will be posted on Twitter via the Twitter account
@RenaultSportF1, tagging the account of the participant who sent their tweet of support.
Each tweet of support leads to the participation of its issuer in the Operation, which will enable them, if
they are selected, to have the name of their Twitter account stuck on to one of the F1s which will start
each Grand Prix.
Each participant can post only a single tweet for each Grand Prix. In the event of multiple tweets only the
first one will be taken into account.

The messages of support must relate directly to the tweet announcing the Operation.
The following will, in particular, be refused as of right, although this list is not restrictive: all messages and
Twitter profile names:

which are vulgar, pornographic, racist, or paedophile in character, or which are prejudicial to
which are defamatory, insulting or slanderous with regard to third parties, natural persons or
legal entities;
which are political in character, and/or judged sensitive by the Organiser;
which are prejudicial to private life, or to the image rights of third parties, and/or which infringe
the laws in force;
which are contrary to decency and morality and/or to public order;
which reproduce an element subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, such as,
although this list is not restrictive, an original work, trademark, a registered model, a patent,

ARTICLE 4 – Designation of the selected tweets
For each Grand Prix, two tweets will be chosen on the following terms:
A Jury, consisting of employees belonging to Renault, will select two tweets from among all the messages
of support meeting the terms of the present rules.
The author of the selected tweet will be informed by a public tweet.
A list of subsidiary tweets will be formed. The Organiser reserves the right to reassign all prizes which
have not been awarded or not been claimed, or the initial selected author of which has been excluded due
to failure to comply with the present rules, to fraud, to a technical problem affecting the designation of the
selected authors, or to a case of force majeure.
ARTICLE 5 - Rewards
For each Grand Prix the following 2 rewards will be made:
> for each of the 2 selected tweets a sticker on one of the 2 F1s starting the Grand Prix, including the
Twitter account of the selected tweet + #LetsRaceTogether
ARTICLE 6 - Publicity and promotion of the selected authors
By the act of accepting their reward the authors of the selected tweets authorise the Organiser to use both
their name, the name of the Twitter account, their first name, and their town or city of residence in all
advertising or promotional events relating to the present Operation, without any remuneration, right or
benefit of any kind being due to them, other than the award of their reward.
If an author of a selected tweet does not wish this to be so, they must stipulate this by a private message
to the administrator of the Organiser's Twitter account within 1 day of the announcement of their selection.
If the selected authors do not give express agreement to the citation of their first name and full name on
the Twitter Page of the Operation and/or of the Organiser, the Organiser may cite on it only the first name
and the town or city of residence of each selected author.
ARTICLE 7 - Authorisation
Participants authorise the Organiser to make all necessary checks relating to the identity, domicile and
rights of the participants. Any false declaration automatically leads to the participant's elimination.
ARTICLE 8 - Modification of the rules


The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone, extend, shorten or modify the present Operation,
partially or completely, if obliged to do so by the circumstances, without them being made liable thereby in
any way whatever.
ARTICLE 9 - Computing and freedom
The collected personal data is mandatory. It is sent to the Organiser, for the sole purpose of participation
in the Operation, management of the selected authors, award of the reward, and to satisfy the legal and
statutory obligations. It may be communicated to service-providers and subcontractors for the
performance of work performed on its behalf in connection with the present operation.
It will be kept solely for the duration of the Operation, for the sole requirements of the Operation, and will
not be used for purposes of commercial solicitation. It will be neither sold nor transferred to third parties, in
any manner whatever.
In accordance with the Computing and Freedom Law of 6 January 1978, participants have a right to view,
correct and delete data relating to them, on a simple written request sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
ARTICLE 10 - Liability
10.1 The Organiser's liability is strictly limited to delivering the prizes effectively and validly won.
However, the Organiser may terminate the Operation at any time, and cannot be held liable if, for
technical or organisational reasons, the Renault F1 stable cannot participate in a Grand Prix.
10.2 It is expressly stated that the Internet is not a secure network. The Organiser cannot therefore be
held liable for contamination by any viruses, or the intrusion of a third party in the system of the terminals
of participants in the Operation, and declines all liability with regard to the consequences of participants
logging in to the network via the Site.
More specifically, the Organiser cannot be held liable for any prejudice caused to the participants, their
computer equipment or the data stored in it, or for any consequences which may arise therefrom in
relation to their personal or professional activity.
10.3 The Organiser declines all liability in the event of a malfunction of the Internet network, of telephone
lines, and of reception equipment preventing satisfactory conduct of the Operation.
Nor can the Organiser be held liable in the event that one or more participants could not succeed in
logging on to the Site or in playing on it due to any problem or technical fault, relating in particular to
network congestion.
Furthermore, only a single reward will be awarded for each selected author should a computer bug
erroneously cause several "selected" messages to be issued to a single addressee.
Moreover, if a failure in the system for determining the selected authors were to occur, leading to the
designation of an excessive number of selected authors, the Organiser cannot be held liable with regard
to all the participants above the total number of rewards announced in the present rules and in the
publicity. Should such a failure occur, the Organiser may decide to declare the entire process of
determining the selected authors null and void, and to cancel the Operation and, as it sees fit, to organise
the Operation anew at a later period. However, the Organiser reserves the possibility of not cancelling the
Operation, and of awarding the rewards validly won if it is technically feasible to determine the actual
selected authors under fair conditions for all participants.
10.4 The Organiser will be able to cancel all or part of the Competition if it appears that cheating has been
taken place in any form whatever, in particular by computing means in connection with participation in the
Operation, or determination of the selected authors. In such circumstances it reserves the right not to
award the rewards to the cheats and/or to bring the authors of this cheating before the courts with


10.5 The Organiser will strive to allow access to the Operation present on the Site at all times, although it
will not be bound by any obligation to accomplish this. The Organiser may, at any time, in particular for
technical, update-related or maintenance reasons, suspend access to the Site and to the Operation it
The Organiser will under no circumstances be liable for these suspensions and their consequences.
The Organiser undertakes to use all means with its service-providers in order that the system for
determining the selected authors and awarding the prizes is in accordance with the rules of the present
Operation. If, despite this, a failure occurs and affects the system for determining the selected authors, the
Organiser cannot be held liable with regard to the participants over and above the number of rewards
announced in general operating terms, and in the publicity accompanying the present Operation.
The Organiser cannot be held liable for poor operation of the Internet network, nor for any delay, loss or
damage resulting from the postal or management services.
ARTICLE 11 - Applicable law and jurisdiction
The present rules are subject to French law, since France is the country of the organising company
In the event of a dispute or complaint, for any reason whatever, requests must be sent to the Organiser
within a period of 2 months after the closure of the Operation (the postmark being used to determine the
date), to the following address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
The Rules must not be published or distributed, directly or indirectly, in any countries in which their
publication or distribution, or the holding of the competition, is prohibited by any legislative or regulatory
provision. Persons residing in a country in which the present Rules are published or distributed must
consequently enquire about the local legislative or regulatory provisions in force, and must comply with
them before participating and submitting their proposals. The Organiser may not be held liable for any
breach of this local legislation or these local regulations.
All disputes arising in connection with the present Operation which cannot be settled by mutual agreement
will be submitted to the courts with jurisdiction.


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