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Ingrédients :

400 g of smoked eel
8 white leeks
1 apple granny-smith
10 stalks of flat-leaved
1 bunch of dill
15 cl of very cold
liquid cream
2 teaspoons of
horseradish (in jar)
1 tablespoon of oil
1 pinch of sugar
1 teaspoon of pink
crushed bays

Etapes :
Wash leeks and mop them.
Whitewash them of oil, season
them of salt and sugar.
Wrap them 2 by 2 in the
baking film by closing well
both extremities.
Cook them 15-20 min
(according to their size) in the
Free them of the plastic
wraping, cut them in 2 equal
sections and reserve.
Remove the skin and the
edges of the eel, cut it in 4 cm
sections, then in sticks.
Rinse well and dry the parsley
and the dill.
Chisel and mix them in a plate
with the pink bays.
Roll the eel’s sticks in this
Whip the very cold single
cream in whipped cream by
incorporating the horseradish
at the end.
Rinse the apple, cut it in fine
strips without peeling.
Arrange the whites of leeks on
a serving dish, put the sticks of
eel above, strew with small
strips of apple.
Serve accompanied with the
whipped cream of horseradish
in sauce boat

Next time we shall present you our cuvée « Grand
Cru 2007 » .

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