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Our attraction power resides in our capacity to gather the most
talented and specialized resources that aim at manufacturing our
ideas, dreams and concepts; therefore creating a REALITY!
Always ahead that is our motto. We want to use our visionary
capacities to make people dream. We want to offer them the chance
to close their eyes and imagine a new and different reality.
What we do : WE CREATE DREAMS!
Thought as a double label of quality, FLYING CONCEPTS is targeted
both for international investors and end-consumers.
- International investors need key in hand concepts with top qualified
teams, innovative strategies, and global vision.
- End consumers need innovative concepts, new intellectual and
emotional experiences, new way to improve their life, higher values to
believe in.

Paris : 342, rue Saint Honoré - 75001 Paris – France
Luxembourg : 26, rue Auguste Neyen - L-2233 Luxembourg - Grand Duché de Luxembourg
London: 191, Miles Buildings - Corlett Street - NW1 6RN London - UK |