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We are Eve!
We are a Berlin-based startup, which lets women around the whole world discover
stunning new makeup and hair style tutorials in a beautifully designed iOS app. Being
online for just some weeks we got featured by Apple as “Best New App” in February
2016 and are now listed as “Editor’s Choice”. Backed by well-known investors, we
are now looking to grow the app and the team on a global scale to become the
number one beauty app.
You want to develop an app used by thousands of women all over the world? You
are passionate about new Apple products and features? And you want to build a
platform that disrupts existing platforms by bridging the three worlds of media, social
networks and e-commerce? Then join us!

Full-time Senior iOS Developer (f/m)
We are looking for our Lead Senior iOS Developer who wants to become part of a
young, fast-growing and dynamic startup in Berlin with the possibility to build up and
grow an entire development team of a successful mobile startup.
Your responsibilities
• Work closely our founders to develop and create new versions of our app
• Write awesome lines of Swift Code
• Bring to life inspiring and beautiful app features that our users will love
• Always stay on top of the latest Apple features and products and directly
integrate them in our app functions into the app
Your profile
• +3 years experience in building native iOS apps that users love
• Expert knowledge of Objective-C and Swift Code
• Experience with scrum management
• Experience in performance testing and writing automated tests
• Some knowledge about web coding is a plus
Our offer for you
• Lead engineering position in a globally operating startup
• Attractive salary and equity package
• Bright office in the heart of Berlin
• Free drinks, fruit, and team events
• A fun to work with, dynamic team

Interested? Shoot us some lines with your CV attached,
why you would love working with us:
We are looking forward to getting to know you and working with you!

FCS Future Content Solutions GmbH | Karmeliterweg 48 | D-13465 Berlin

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