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Ok, first this is my little installation. I have a small apartment, two room, three lights.
Bed room : 1 light (white), let's call it LightA
living room : 2 : 2 lights (one white, one color), Light2 and Light3

So what is my use :
Light3 is nearly always off ; why ? Because I don't need it, I'm always on the under the light2.
Light2 is pluged in a plug whitch is linked to a light switch. When I come back to home, I turn of
the switch and Light2 on. Why I don't use the app ? Because it's not the only thing pluged here so
it's more easy to turn on all in one time…. And I don't have choice, it's the only plug I can use for it.
I use connected light to chose intensity of light.
Light1 is turned on the morning and evening. Of course, it's slowly light on the morning. And when
I'm going to bed, I launch a timer to slowly light off.
So.. I don't need to configure room. Ok I can create fake room in the new app but.. why? Create
room should be an option.
This is a picture to explain
other thing. I need to manipulate all lights in one screen. So something like it :

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