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About us

We specialise in producing high-quality videos for Golf Clubs and Resorts from ground-level footage of golfers in action to motion images
filmed from the air. We also have the expertise to film the interiors of
the clubhouse, Pro shop, restaurants and bars. For golf resorts we can
also create video tours of the hotel rooms, spa and other guest facilities.

Golf Course Showcase
A 2-minute video set to music featuring a montage of high-quality cinematic aerial video footage featuring the best holes and features of the
golf course, combined with creative video filmed from the ground using
our camera crane, gimbal and slider.


18 Hole Flythrough
Individual aerial video flythroughs of each hole,
starting with an opening shot from above the tee
and flying from tee to green at a height of around 10
metres to highlight the best features of the hole.

Clubhouse & Pro Shop

Golfer Testimonials & Interviews

For Golf Resorts with an on-site hotel, we will produce
a stylish video tour which combines aerial footage of
the outside of the hotel with camera gimbal stabilised
filming of the internal spaces including the range of
bedrooms available, bar facilities, restaurant, gym,
spa, pool...

Golf Resort Hotel Tour

Contact information

+44 (0) 1244 659 265

6 Barony Way, Chester, Cheshire

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