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Revolutionising Education


Executive Summary

Organisation Overview

Brief History


Core Values


Target Market

Comparative Advantage

Organisational Strategy

Program Differentiation

Participant Engagement

Future Expansion

Company Highlights

AFIXIS is a successful non-profit educational social enterprise that offers high quality
innovative programs to students of all ages.

AFIXIS is a venture with demonstrated success, providing a range of programs aiming to shift the
concept of education in its entirety.

Established diversified projects with a wide support from participants of all ages.

Program participants arriving from all of Greece and the diaspora.

First established project in 2013 (MHP), with 3 currently running projects and 3 in development

Company philosophy of “innovative personal education” while targeting Greek educational
system flaws, and preparing to launch on a international scale.

Capable management team with experience and well-rounded backgrounds in teaching,
conference planning and striving for a better Greece.

Developed “loyal-base” of participants.

Brief Company Information

Brief Company Information


Co-Founders Thomas Tsoulias and Giota Skiathiti, two law students from Thessaloniki
and Athens respectively, were embittered by the failure of formal education to
provide students the chance to develop their individual passions and talents.

The core ideals of the Organisation were born when the two founders realised the
deficiencies of the modern educational system in Greece and decided to turn their
observations into actions towards meaningful change.

Instead of designing independent activities, the two law students decided to go one step
further: they would design a new system of education, based on the student entering
a chosen activity and then following a path based on his/her personal passions and talents.

Established end goal: Revolutionise the concept of education.
The projects AFIXIS is currently running, have gathered a noticeable base of applicants
ranging up to 5000 students from all over Greece and abroad.

Brief Company Information


Model Hellenic
(MHP) under

MHP was
executed in
with 200

Moot Court,
first program
for high school

Expo, first
scientific allfields program,

Officially 3
more programs

Brief Company Information

Core Values
Our Mission
To design and develop a revolutionary educational system for students of all ages based on the
principle that “students should be encouraged to pursue and develop their personal passions and

Focus on the participant: whether you are attending one of our model conferences or
participating in our Academic Exposition we think that each experience should be focused around
you and your educational needs.

Democracy and openness is key: it remains crucial to us, to gather feedback and opinions
regarding our overall work and progress. We assess all opinions and thoughts on our projects and
strive to enhance them.

Constant Improvement: constant additions to our work and never-ending development of our
Organisation is key. “Optimize the concept of education for each individual’’.

Improvement through participation: Engaging oneself in a wide range of fields, and gaining
exposure to key concepts (democracy, debate, scientific advancement)..

Brief Company Information


AFIXIS offers diverse programs catering to different spheres of society and scientific fields.

All programs are organised and logistically supported by selected members of the AFIXIS team with
matching backgrounds for each program.

Product innovation arrives from the careful observation of the educational needs of Greek Youth.

AFIXIS responds to societal needs by offering specific programs to cater for specific issues:

Model Hellenic Parliament: established to cater for the neglect of Greek political life and the
abandonment of political processes of the political system. (Alternative to joining the political ranks of
a party).


World Academic Expo (WAVE): established to breach the gap between the academic needs of
university students, with the tools Universities are in a position to offer.


Protagoras: established to provide young students with an basic background regarding legal
processes and legal professions, as well as debating and research skills.

Brief Company Information

Target Market

AFIXIS seeks to offer a wide range of programs tailored to educational
needs of the youth.

Wide appeal to participants in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Majority of participants between 10-30 years.

Participants are academically conscious young men and women with
inherent needs to explore and learn by immersing themselves in an activity.

AFIXIS is positioned in such a way, to breach the gap between the
educational system and the individual by providing secular opportunities.

Pricing of activities is selected and covered by sponsorships in order to
enable increasing numbers of applicants and thus not exclude any
member of Greek youth Society.

Brief Company Information

Comparative Advantage

Each AFIXIS member fully embraces core organisational values
and shares Founders’ vision as a whole.

Team building and executive board joint activities are in place
regularly, so that all AFIXIS members have a synchronised version of our

Wide range of activities in different spheres.

Merit-based progression within Afixis: each member demonstrates
his/her worth before promotion. Concrete targets in place.

Constant Innovation: Specific R&D department in place with sole goal
of research and establishment of future concepts under AFIXIS

Organisational Strategy

Organisational Strategy

Programme Differentiation

Each program enjoys strong social media presence for purposes of
advertisement and information sharing with potential applicants.

Established online presence through official websites for each activity
and for the entirety of AFIXIS.

Programs are diversified and run by specifically dedicated program
managers while logistically supported by the entirety of AFIXIS.

Geographical representation is strong, with MHP established in
Athens while remainder of programs run throughout the Greek suburban
area in public and private schools.

We strive for an all-inclusive approach, encouraging applicants of all
socioeconomic, political and cultural backgrounds.

Organisational Strategy

Participant Engagement

Brand exposure remains at its peak in an efforts to
maintain the loyal applicant base with have.

So far we relied upon comprehensive organic
marketing (mouth to mouth, social media).

Inorganic marketing is in the development stage.

Consistent engagement of AFIXIS social media
team with past and future participants in order to
share information or collect feedback for currently
running activities.

Organisational Strategy

Future Expansion

AFIXIS seeks to fully establish itself on a Greek level initially.

Reach a position where a wide range of diversified activities can be offered to
every single member of Greek youth.

Our vision remains though, the effort to bring about a new world model for

International expansion remains key: Initially though, while we attempt to
dominate the Greek market, by engaging members of the Greek diaspora
either as participants of our activities or by incorporating them into the AFIXIS

Global outlook for our organisation is key.

Thank you for your time.
If you are interested in our organisation,
please contact us at

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