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When hiring new employees, a Company is confronted with

hundreds of CV’s . Studies show that 40% of resumes are

Tweefy runs background checks on your
candidates to ensure the veracity of

experiences and legal documents
provided (diploma’s, training certificates,... ).

The process is in 3 stages :
1) Companies send us their candidates’ CV’s at
2) We take care of the whole process from here:
a. We invite the candidates on our secured tool where they upload:
i. their CV’s with valid references for each experience

ii. all necessary documents (diplomas, training certificates, ...)
b. We check your candidates’background according to strict compliancy


c. We interview past project managers on various Key Performance Indicators
for each experience

3) Companies get a secured access where they can check their candidates’ profiles at any


Example of a background check:




Check of References


Check of Trainings
Upload of legal docum ents
Com pliant for Corporates
(*) LinkedIn endorsement system enables friends to give positive references. There is a conflict of interest,
making it not reliable/compliant for companies. Tweefy’s check of background through our call center follows
companies’ strict compliancy rules to verify identity of reference.

Hire Better People, Faster.


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