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Briefing Pilote
Dear Drivers, members of the teams and supporters.
The races organized by the ATD Trophy Dragster Association want friendly, respecting fair play and
decency, in the greatest tradition of our sport.

You have the duty to respect the organization ATD, officials, the Commissioners of the FFSA and FFM,
and volunteers. They, like you, enthusiasts who mobilize for the success of the competition.

For the smooth running of the competition and for respect for the image of the ATD and our partners,
we ask you to strictly observe these rules of conduct (not exhaustive):

- The trash bags are available at the entrance, you will also reduce your garbage in contenaires.
- Out of the competition area: roll pitch (10 km / h).
- The Pocket Bikes and other noisy and / or dangerous items are prohibited on the site, including in the
- No noise from 22 pm to 8 am.
- Wearing numbered wristbands is mandatory for the driver and his team throughout the competition.
- Pre-screens are only authorized organization, official and emergency services and security.
- At the call of its class, stand fast in pre-grid. (In pairs already formed in the playoffs).
- Access is granted only to you during your runs with the authorized mechanics.
- Immediately after the run mechanics must immediately evacuate the pre-grid.
-The Courtesy lane is not an obligation but it is courteous to compel it.
- Pilot Briefing required Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 in pre grid.

A.T.D. chez Mr Angeloni Eric 9 impasse Pont Barraux 03270 Saint Yorre
Christophe DUBOIS:

-Any Incident, special or unusual request for the race must be communicated to the relationship
competitor, only person entitled to receive them.
- The sponsor stickers are required on vehicles, carefully follow the specifications that you were
-Reminder Categories ET Bracket:
The time should be displayed on the vehicle side timekeeper, in figures of minimum high 8cm
(adapted a specific material is highly recommended)
A you to control panels on the right index finger,
if you take the departure,
is that you accept the index of the panel.
For this race allowed the mini index is 7.5s at 400m
- Drains in the paddocks must be made on proof sheets (compulsory). You must win your waste
fluids and leave the place clean.
- 1 fire extinguisher approved mandatory in each pit. (Minimum 6 kg) for all categories.
- In all cases, the driver is responsible for his team.
- Any dangerous or unsportsmanlike behavior may be sanctioned. This penalty can be up
to an immediate disqualification at any time of day or night. This exclusion may be definitive
including subsequent events organized by ATD. An exclusion can never justify a refund of the
entry fee or other amounts incurred.
- Remember that the FFSA is our regulator. You must comply with the general regulations
of the FFSA.
- In general be respectful of equipment and infrastructure at your disposal. Any damage,
defilement, voluntary or not, will involve you in a financial compensation for damage. On
airfield runways, be especially vigilant at airport facilities. (Runway lights, etc ...)

Good race to you all!

A.T.D. chez Mr Angeloni Eric 9 impasse Pont Barraux 03270 Saint Yorre
Christophe DUBOIS:

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