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3rd European Dragster
2 & 3 July 2016
For further information: Eric Angeloni : 06 73 58 58 36 Mail:
Christophe Dubois : 06 87 45 64 71 Mail: ou

Registration: A.T.D. chez Mr Angeloni Eric 9 impasse pont Barraux 03270 Saint Yorre
3rd European Dragster
2 & 3 July 2016 - Circuit of Clastres (02)
Package two days with track access


Street Run A, B, C (2 People)
Pro ET (4 People)
Super Pro ET (4 People)
Junior Dragster (2 People)
Unlicensed ASA Drag Racing

130 €
130 €
130 €
25 €

15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €

Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €
Total : _ _ _ _ _ €

These prices are per vehicle per person with a license to ASA Drag Racing or abroad.
If not dismissed at ASA Drag Racing price plus 25 €
For RWYB thank you to register with our partner Quatermile ESLA

THE 24 June 2016 (date of postmark)

welcome to

3rd European Dragster
The fact that you chose to be here instantly puts you in the category of people of taste !! Keep going!

Nevertheless, I urge you to read this, it is in the survival of this event!

This Race of Trophée Dragster 2016 will allow you to measure yourself against the best drivers in each
class but for beginners, you can drive in RWYB.
This Run What Ya Brung, (literally roll with what you bring) is open to all vehicles. Registering with ESLA

What is a Run What Ya brung?

These practice sessions acceleration on 1/4 mile, or 402.33 meters.
Each run, where two vehicles go side by side, is timed to allow you to calibrate the performance of your
car or motorbike, or even improve over the day. None of the time tickets, awarded at the end of your visit,
can not claim a ranking. No fuss, just the pleasure of putting the gas, get out wads memorable pals. You
can choose to ride against and who you want to share your feelings with a passenger, that will be major
attached and helmeted like you. So plan several helmets, we do not provide.

The reception of participants will be on Friday from 14: 00 and the opening quarter-mile around 9 00 pm
on Saturday. For further information, thank you for contacting us.

The on-site camping is possible in the night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. The site has
showers and toilets, but in small numbers.
The restoration located near the starting line will ensure a rapid and economic catering.

There are some points on which the organization will be intransigent:

-The Behavior: excessive behavior, brutal, anti-athletic, exuberant, or likely to affect the proper running of
the event will be sanctioned (by the denial of access to the track, for example ...)
-The Non-compliance with instructions given by the organizers: Whether safety instructions, organization
of the paddock or test running.
-No Burn out or test outside the areas provided for this purpose.
-No drain on the floor ...

-The Cleanliness: trash bags are available from the organization. Do not hesitate to
reapply. The cleanliness of the site must be respected. Thank you to absolutely bring your garbage to the
site entrance.
-The Paddock: it is located on a track, not a parking lot. As such, it is forbidden to use fasteners such as
pegs, stakes, spit or other mechanical means for securing the marquees, stands or tents to the ground !!
All people do not observe this rule capital may be excluded from the test !! Specific rules on the installation
in the paddock you will be given by the track staff. Follow them !!

-The Vehicles: Only vehicles with participants runs will be allowed to place on the asphalt.
All other accompanying vehicles must remain on the grass. This is to facilitate the movement during the
-No "Campfire" on the floor! Barbecues are obviously allowed ...

-Do Your behavior and the image you when you go into town !! The villages do not have "wild horde"!
Moderate your enthusiasm and keep your energy for runs. It is there and only there that you can amaze us

We all hope that these few basic rules of etiquette will not prevent you nothing to give everything on the
track! Follow the instructions of the track staff, we are all here to help!
Do not hesitate to ask a thousand questions! This is the first time you turn your wheels on the track ?? As
Better! You could not get better for your first time !! Be guided by the ringmaster, he will explain the
procedures ...
Thank you for reading these few lines to the end ... !!

Last name First Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Read and approved

Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

At _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

Regulations Quarter Mile Meeting

Shall be allowed on the site registrants accompanied by their family and people associated with the
organization and security. Anyone engaging on the track or even participating statically with the vehicle
shall comply with the rules set out in the registration dossier. Failure to comply with these rules will result
in immediate exclusion.
It is expressly stated that the cancellation of the third event Européan Dragster due to bad weather or any
other cause unrelated to the organization will not give rise to reimbursement.

1- Insurance

Any participant certifies to be the owner of the vehicle is driving, and comply with current regulations. The
driver must be in possession of valid driving license and his registration. Any entrant certifies the validity
of the insurance policy covering the risk of damage and liability. The participant sign the liability waiver
(Article 7) and thus releases the circuit and the organizers of the demonstration of the responsibility
arising from the use of his vehicle for all personal injury and / or damage that may result to himself and
third parties.

2-Payment and registration

Participants (vehicle drivers) must have paid their registration at the meeting (see the grid tariff)
.L'exclusion the track by the commissioners will not give rise to any refund. The participant may be
excluded by the organizers and his name can be sent in case of serious breach of the FFSA and FFVE.

3- Organization

Access to the track will be by two vehicles at the same time maximum, on the indications of the marshals.
Marshals are judges of fact and are responsible for enforcing safety rules. Their signs and directions are
required to be respected under penalty of immediate and permanent expulsion without refund. The
commissioners will accept vehicles only after ensuring that the above provisions have been met. Each
participant must before his track access occur at the briefing. The track manager provides briefings to be
held each morning of the meeting. If the regulations do not succeed signed by the pilot, or if he does not
attend the briefing, he will not receive his numbered sticker which gives access to the track (stuck on the
driver's side windshield). It will therefore be excluded and commitment will be ineffective without being
entitled to any refund.

4- acceleration and braking zones

The acceleration zone of 400 meters is bounded by ground markings and fluorescent tags next to the
runway. Then comes the braking zone for 800 meters and finally the return zone (taxiway). Vehicles in
return area will be at a maximum speed of 20 km / h and 10 km in the paddocks.

5. Vehicle condition

On the track, the drivers are required to submit a vehicle in good condition before embarking on the track,
check the status of their brakes, tires and suspension.
The auditors will check the vehicles and if they are not deemed suitable for the track, this will result in
exclusion from the test session. The vehicles will be allowed to get back on track once the discounts made
by state.

6- Protest

He asked the participants to respect the basic rules of hygiene (garbage bags, health, etc ..). For safety
reasons, glass bottles are prohibited inside the circuit. Participants should closely supervise their children
and pets must be leashed. No pedestrian shall be on the track (except organizers).


I discharge the organizers, owners or operators of the site, from any liability for compensation for any
damage or injury that I may suffer and / or cause of any nature whatsoever, body as material, and any
capacity either because of the use of my vehicle, runway, and more generally of the site.

Last name First Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Read and approved

Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

At _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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