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unscented indoor candles

certified company.

The Candle Experience
From its roots as a small, local candle manufacturer, Spaas has
emerged as a mayor player on the worldwide candle market. Spaas’
innovation has sustained its growth throughout 163 years of candle
With 250 employees, Spaas is not only market leader at home in Belgium, but also a highly respected supplier worldwide with a strong customer base throughout Europe. Our purpose is to surprise people and
add a touch of warmth to their everyday life. This collection should
inspire them to create the right mood for the festive season.

Autumn. Winter. Glowing Winter
With the days becoming shorter, candles really come into their own.
What better way to bring a little bit of magic to those cold winter evenings than with the warm and festive glow of candles, conviviality at its best.

Winterfrost is our range of unscented
decorative candles for use at the dinner table
or to combine with your seasonal decoration.

Our Christmas Classics add a sparkle to
your festive decoration. The gold, silver
and bronze colours mark a special season.

Scented festive candles bring those typical
seasonal fragrances into your home. They will
remind you of precious family moments or
help you to get through a gloomy day.

Highlight glasses are a small range
of robust tealight holders which are
perfect for use as side decoration on
seasonal parties or bigger venues.

Welcome your guests with our
terracotta dishes. Placed outside
your home, they become beacons
of cosiness for your guests.

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