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Workers out of work : Do they keep
enjoying their rights ?

Right to keep receiving benefits ?

Work-related benefits :- an unemployed person remains a
worker after the employment contract ends (Martinez Sala)

Non-work-related benefits : - no discrimination between the
Union's citizen and the MS's citizens

Right to keep living in the MS ?

Art. 14 Citizens Directive
§1 : as long as they do not become an unreasonable burden on
the MS's social assistance

Right to retain the status of worker after losing its job ?

Art. 7§3 Citizens Directive
a) if he's unabled because of illness or accident

But for how long a jobless worker remains a worker ?
It's a matter of national law, not EU law => but scrutiny of EU
law : ECJ said to Belgium, 3 months weren't enough

§4 : if the Union's citizen entered the host MS to seek
employment, he may not be expelled as long as he can provide
evidence that he is seeking employment and that he has a
genuine chance of being engaged

b) if lost his job after more than 1 year of work, and
registered as a job-seeker
c) if lost his job :- after completing a fixed-term job of less than
a year- during the first 12 months ;he shall retain the worker
status for no less than 6 months

"Genuine chance" : matter of national law to define the details of
proof, chance, ...
d) if he embarks on vocational training (sometimes, it has to be
related to the previous employment)

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