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203, Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
Appartement 109
91000, Evry, France
Cell : +33 6 25 22 70 16
e-mail :


Object: 2-3 months internship in applications development
Dear Sir,
Currently in second year of the engineering school Télécom SudParis, specialized in the field of new technologies
and communication sciences, I am enrolled in the academic major “Distributed Informatics Systems Architecture” that
provides skills in computer sciences such as algorithmics, conception systems and software development. Thanks to
that, I am able to manage IT systems distributed on multiple networks and terminals.
I recently completed courses such as “Internet Applications”, “Multi-Tier Java Applications”, “Conception and
Programming of Centralized Systems”, “Algorithmics and Communications of Distributed Applications”. Thus I have
acquired a strong background in back-end development and informatics knowledge such as RESTful web services, Java
server pages and servlets, Android applications, Unix systems, hardware and software architectures, memory and data
optimization, network sockets. I am proactive in C, HTML/CSS, Javascript, MySQL, PHP with Symfony framework and
By completing an internship in a SME for repairing and installing hardware and network solutions, I increased
my professional qualities such as communication and team-work. During one year, I also was the web supervisor of
Télécom SudParis student office where I got to build a website from scratch, coding a registration and login system, and
implementing an API to allow online payment for major events. It confirmed my willingness to work on this field by
giving me concrete project to work on. Moreover, I have improved skills such as self-reliance, self-drive, project
management and organization, and it has given me the chance to increase my awareness about the issues in IT domain.
Those experiences made me a dynamic and rigorous in work candidate that could fit and integrate well in your
team. I am really motivated to be a part of this adventure that constitutes start-up development, especially when it
comes to bring innovative tools and solutions to the domain of mobile development, music applications, websites
creations and because it could be an interesting and exciting experience as well as a key formative step in my career
I am available from June 20th to September 25th, 2016. If you have any further questions, please feel free to
contact me by mail or phone. Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing
from you in the near future.
Sincerely yours,

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