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February 18-23, 2016

First subtopic 1: “African Theologies: Past & Present”
After the Opening and Introductory Remarks, two presenters Prof. Tharcisse Gatwa, from PIASS
in Rwanda, and Rev Dr Jimi Zacka, from Central Africa Republic, presented their papers on the
first subtopic “African Theologies: Past & Present”.
Prof. Gatwa presented his reflection on “African Theologies: Past and Present Issues that Matter
to African and world Christianity”. Through this essay, Prof Gatwa engage critical thinking and
research for new paths to emerge in “African Christian theologies”. He articulated his discussion
through three journeys: the legacy of patristic era, the 15th to 17th centuries and the 18 to 19th
large missionary expansion.
Rev Dr Zacka excited the audience with a discussion entitled: “Prosperity Theology: is it a
Challenge or a Contribution to African Theology?” through this essay, Rev Dr Zacka gave a
brief overview of the emergence and rise of prosperity teaching in Africa. Thereafter, he gave
attempting responses to some questions concerning the growth of the PT into a very influential
theology in the past six decades especially in Africa. He also invited the audience to discuss on
the influence and impact of the PT on African Christianity.
On the basis of the first presentations, Prof Dr. Jesse Mugambi acted as a respondent deepening
the reflection on different aspect to take into consideration African Christian Theology among
others, the languages in which African Christian Theology is articulated, its main content, or to
what plurality and singularity can be used with reference to African expressions of Christian

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