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Les beatles
The Beatles when they arrived in New York February 7, 1964 .
Top: John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Below: George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
General information Name The Fab Four
Country of origin Flag: United Kingdom United Kingdom (Liverpool)
Genre Pop, rock (see detailed list )
Years active 1960-1970

The Beatles is a British musical group from Liverpool, consisting of John
Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. It remains,
despite its separation in 1970, one of the most popular rock bands in the
world. In ten years of existence and only eight years of recording career
(1962 to 1970), the Beatles recorded twelve original albums and composed
more than 200 songs. A particularly remarkable productivity in the period
1963-1966, where, between the constant touring and participation in two
feature films, they released seven albums, thirteen singles and EPs twelve,
also carried in a phenomenon known as Beatlemania magnitude.
Considered the "soundtrack" of the 1960s, the songs of the Beatles gave
their decade and the following generations and their melodies were adapted
to many musical genres, including jazz, salsa, reggae, soul classical and
baroque music. The twenty-first century, the group still enjoys great
popularity; his songs are played repeatedly and worldwide. The duo of
songwriters Lennon / McCartney remains famous as the creator of standards
that have been the subject of thousands of adaptations in the following
The Beatles remain the artists who have sold more discs monde1,2. This
figure was already estimated by EMI in the 1980s to more than one billion
CDs, LPs, and even 78s in India, sold through planète1,2, and continued to
increase until reaching today a figure higher than 2 milliards3,4,5.
Moreover, it was calculated in 1970 that at any moment one of the
interpretations of the song Yesterday (there are more than 3 0006) was
played by a radio somewhere in the world.
"Placed at the bow" of the evolution of youth and popular culture 19607
years, their style, their clothing, their words, their direction, their
global popularity, their social consciousness and political growing over
time, have expanded the influence of the Beatles beyond music, to social
and cultural revolutions of their time.

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