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Property Preservation and Asset Management
Vacant properties are often prone squatters and vandals. In an effort to prevent this, qualified
property preservation companies ensure properties are always secure. This includes changing any
broken locks and boarding any broken windows and openings.
Another important reason to maintain REO and vacant properties is the avoid code violations.
Leaving grass overgrown can lead to the property receiving code violations and fines until the
grass is cut. Preservation companies also provide other services to make sure the properties are
maintained and safe. These include mold remediation, debris removals, pool securing, and
winterizations. It is also important to regularly inspect the properties to make sure no one has
broken into it and that there aren’t any new issues, such as new mold developing. Regular
inspections ensure that properties are continuously maintained and that any new issues are
quickly identified and remediated.
United Field Services utilizes their nationwide vendor network to keep vacant properties secure,
safe and well-maintained inside and out. They provide smart and leading solutions that support
the whole spectrum of property and asset management that covers REO property preservations,
construction, and rental renovation, support on core servicing, notary and title abstraction. Their
skilful property preservation vendors make sure to evaluate and report potential issues regarding
the property so that they can be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Visit United Field Services, Inc. at to see what they can do for you.

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