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print ISSN: 2249 4995│eISSN: 2277 8810


Rajeev Pahwa1, Uday Kumar Jejurikar2, Menka P. Kuril1, Barkha P. Kuril1
Authors’ Affiliations: 1Alternative Therapy Practitioner, Roopantaran Samajik Evam Jankalyan Sansth, Ujjain, 2 Professor, Dept. of Genera; Surgery, R. D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain
Correspondence: Menka Kuril Email: menka.kuril@gmail.com

Introduction: HEF or Aura is our spiritual signature. Traditionally, energy-field or aura is a protective psychic and spiritual energy field that surrounds the physical body. Energy from an aura is usually not static. It is
constantly flowing, flashing, vibrating, expanding, and decreasing. Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a modern day
instrument used as a human energy-field (Aura) measuring device, based on the latest computer technology
combined with the scientific basis of the biofeedback, reflex-zone and energy meridian teachings and with ancient healing sciences.
Methodology: The biofeedback system Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a highly sensitive, biomedical measuring
device, certified according to the European Guidelines for Medical Devices CE Class IIa. It is based on the
latest computer technology combined with ancient healing sciences. The biofeedback sensor is a receiver for
high-resolution, biomedical signals, which are taken from the reflex zones of the hand´s palm. For this particular study, we have compared general cases between the age group 20-80 years block as compare to prediagnosed cases of Dr. Uday Kumar Jejurikar. All these cases have been categorized into 10 divisions and 10
different organs are taken into consideration for the assessment of confirmation in gastro-intestinal system.
The study gives the confirmation on the cases prescribed by doctor.
Conclusion: It was found that the aura diagnosis machine helped a lot in confirmed diseased cases and its
symptoms diagnosis for GIT cases. The technology played major role in our research and helped in the validation of our age old traditional knowledge.
Key word: HEF, Aura, Gastro-intestinal System, Reflex Zones, Biofeedback, energy meridians, BiopulsarReflexograph.
The aura is the multidimensional, invisible soul radiation of a person and consists of different vibrations.
The physical body does not radiate the aura as commonly supposed, but the aura contains the physical
body. The physical body is nothing else than condensed vibrations, which cannot be seen with the
normal eye. Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a highly sensitive, biomedical measuring device, offers dynamical
biofeedback of 43 organ reflex zones of the hand
and support a clear and detailed syndrome diagnosis.
The Biopulsar-Reflexograph not only expands your
energy analysis capabilities, allowing you to Identify a
wider range of existing and potential conditions,
which helps to improve patient's communication,
comprehension and case acceptance.
The word ‘biofeedback’ is an indication for biomedical control mechanisms. It is composed by the Greek
word bio = life, life processes and by the English
word feedback = reaction. Reflex zones are areas on
NJMR│Volume 6│Issue 1│Jan – Mar 2016

the skin surfaces, which have connections to the internal organs and body structures. For over thousands of years, Western and Eastern cultures have
applied the knowledge of reflex zones in diagnoses
and therapy. Indian and Chinese holistic healing
sciences assume that the hand reflex zones are not
only connected to the organs but also to the consciousness, the energy meridians, the energetic field
(Aura) and the chakras of a person. The interpretation of the energetic situation of a reflex zone serves
for diagnosis and therapy of the regulating state of
the internal organs and the psyche.
Study Area – Patidar Hospital and Research Centre,
Ujjain. Before conducting the study, permission was
taken from Institutional Ethical Committee.
Study Population - We have totally observed 212
cases for this particular study and these cases are
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print ISSN: 2249 4995│eISSN: 2277 8810

compared with total 100 control cases, including
both sexes, belonging to different caste, culture and
occupation within age range of 20 – 80 years.

Aura Picture

Study Tool - Biopulsar-Reflexograph
The Biopulsar-Reflexograph uses only low frequency
currents for the measuring of the skin resistance.
During the measuring, the body cannot be inflicted
with any harmful or disturbing impulses. Each of the
48 biomedical sensor pegs is an interface, conducting
the measured biofeedback parameters of each individual organ zone to the PC every 500 milliseconds
(synaptic real-time measuring). Then the data is
processed and presented by the software as biofeedback graphs, aura colors of the organs, dynamical
chakra activity and more.
A complex measuring of the whole body lasts about
1 minute. The patient does not have to undress. As
the therapist does not touch the patient, no outside
energies can influence the measuring of the patient’s
energy field. In a very short period of time, the therapist receives a clearly arranged individual syndrome
diagnosis of the entire organic network of the body.
Through the organ biofeedback and the dynamic aura of the whole body, the therapist can get precise
information concerning vitality as well as physical
and psychological constitutions.

Study Technique – We have totally observed 211
cases for this particular study and these cases are
compared with total 100 control cases, including
both sexes, belonging to different caste, culture and
occupation within age range of 20 – 80 years.
All these general and pre-diagnosed cases have been
categorized into 10 divisions and 10 different organs
are taken into consideration for the assessment of
diseased/ infected/ imbalance state of organ in Gastro-Intestinal System. It was imbalance of 10 organs
of GIT from esophagus to rectum except heart in
the presentation of diseases while recording.

The process of the graph, with its fine amplitudes, corresponds to the organic pulse wave. Vitality, pulse wave
and performance of the elements give information about the constitution of the organs as well as of the
whole body of the person. Therefore, you can derive the physical and psychological disposition of
diseases.Common Energy Patterns of the Biofeedback Graphs
Biofeedback amplitude ranges along the green
harmony line:
Harmony, pleasant lightness, homeostasis, balanced organ
function. Ideal organ energetics.
Ayurveda: Tridosha balance = Vata – Pitta – Kapha in

Biofeedback graph drops precipitously into the grey
Cannot maintain energy and expends it quickly. Rapid
exhaustion due to chronic weakness, particularly if stressed.
Emptiness – inflammation. Is open, unprotected, and
vulnerable. Tendency towards energetic emptiness = organ
coma, even shock!

NJMR│Volume 6│Issue 1│Jan – Mar 2016

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print ISSN: 2249 4995│eISSN: 2277 8810

The biofeedback curve represents the
flow of life energy in the organ.

Harmony Line or Homeostasis


Total Case Studies
Small Intestine


General readings are selected randomly from the
common public, then compared and analyzed with
the pre-diagnosed cases of doctor. In general cases,
balanced state is more as compared to cases of diseased recordings.

Here, we are analyzing organs of GIT system, such
as, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and
rectum. In our study, categorization is done on the
basis of primary complaints that the patient is coming up with to the doctor, which is compared with
the other main organs of GIT system.

Stomach/ 40-60/ Total -23 (in percentage)
Esophagus Heart Stomach Pancreas Liver Small In- Colon Rectum
Balance state
NJMR│Volume 6│Issue 1│Jan – Mar 2016

Page 71


print ISSN: 2249 4995│eISSN: 2277 8810

In the above table, Pre-diagnosed cases of
stomach, age group 40-50, total cases 23 are
shown, and are compared with other organs of
GIT, and state of balance and imbalance are
analyzed. It shows that among 23 cases of
stomach, 86% confirmed cases were diagnosed
Energy Meridian
of Stomach

In this way, all the other organs are compared
simultaneously. The above table also shows
the multiple involvements of other organs in
cases of stomach.
Lastly, the figure shows the track of energy meridian of stomach according to TCM.

The criteria for selection are as follows – For our
study, doctor used to note his observation about cases, on the basis of his pre-diagnosed GIT cases, and
then suggested the cases for aura diagnosis. They
were categorized on the basis of the organ diagnosed
by doctor. He did the assessment every 15 days and
on the basis of his observations, cross-confirmed his
diagnosis with aura observations given by Biopulsar-Reflexograph. On the basis of Dr. Uday Kumar
Jejurikar’s findings, he has given following conclusions.
“Firstly, it is observed that beyond 50 yrs, one infected organ affects multiple organs, so this gives us
a theory of multi-organ involvement i.e. whenever
patient complaints of any specific symptoms involved with certain organ, we should also look for
other organs for causes and their condition.
Secondly, high level of imbalance in pancreas again
gives us a very important study because this organ is
hidden behind the intestine, the posterior peritoneum. Normally, we are not able to look into the
diseased condition of this organ except in such a
graphic presentation where we are able to assess
pancreas by different tools and different methods.
Thirdly, the data seems to be extremely useful as it
proves beyond doubt that extremely diseased cases
of stomach and colon can be easily picked up by
Biopulsar graphical presentation. This was the most
important observation in the present study. This is
very rewarding for all of us that even if the patient is
complaining of the any specific organ, you can look
and compare the condition of other organs also.”

NJMR│Volume 6│Issue 1│Jan – Mar 2016

Biopulsar-Reflexograph can be used as a disease diagnosis tool with an additional advantage that it
shows energetic organ changes long before a disharmony shows itself on the physical level. Therefore, it
can be used for the prevention of illness as well.
In a nutshell, this health management tool is of great
help in getting a preview of possible and probable
health conditions, before your body experiences
them in a physical way. The Aura scan machine also
gives you a quick snapshot of your individual chakras, your general aura and the vitality level of various organs in the body.
1. Dr. Karl Erdt, Medical Doctor and Surgeon, Massing, Germany.
2. Pierrakos, J C (1977). The Core Energetic Process; New
York, Institute of the New Age (Monograph).
3. Pierrakos, J. C. (1971). The Energy Field in Man and Nature;
New York. Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis.
4. Brennan. B., Function of the Human Energy Field in the
Dynamic Process of Health, Health and Disease. New York,
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5. Burr, H. S. 1944. “The Meaning of Bio-Electric Potentials”.
Yale J. Biol. Med. 16: 353-360.
6. Dobrin R., Conway (Brennan) B. and Pierrakos J., “New
Electronics Methods for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Using the Human Energy Field.”
7. Linda Ward, Rudolf Schinnerl, Karin Kraft. Biopulsar®
Technology Use in a Chinese Medicine Practice. Electrobiology Energy Therapy.

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