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Centre d’Excellence Africain
en Sciences Mathématiques
et Applications

Call for applications
ACEMSA Scholarships for Masters’ programs
The African Center of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences and Applications (ACEMSA), located in
Dangbo, Benin, was established by the World Bank, to train graduate students in mathematical sciences.
The center is hosted by the Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP), one of the graduate
level studies institutes of the University of Abomey–Calavi (UAC). ACEMSA and IMSP announce a program to recruit master’s students in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Sciences for the
academic year 2016–2017.
The purpose of this graduate program is to offer students who hold the bachelor degree in mathematics (or
related fields) an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the fields of mathematics and its applications.
In particular, the master’s program is an interdisciplinary program aimed at students wanting to enrich
their exposure to modern computational techniques of use in engineering and the applied sciences. Admission to this program is limited and highly selective.
The Graduate Faculty in mathematics has about 15 active members hosted by the Department of Mathematics of UAC and IMSP, and is augmented by approximately 25 faculty members from other mathematics
departments in the United States, Europe and other African countries, who cover a wide range of areas of
Fields of study: Algebra and Number Theory, Analysis, Geometry, Operation Research, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Probability/Statistics, Computer Sciences and Engineering, Science Education, Control Theory.
Duration: Up to twenty four months.
Eligibility: Bachelor degree in mathematical sciences or related fields.
Financial support:

Costs of travel and medical insurance will be coverer by (ACEMSA).

A monthly stipend of XOF 100,000 CFA will be offered on a merit basis during residency in Benin.
Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.
Application requirements: Each applicant must submit (in english or french):
a cover letter indicating the program of interest.
an evidence of bachelor or master degree in mathematical or physical sciences or related fields.
academic transcripts of the most recent three years of studies.
a curriculum vitae of at most 3 pages.
each candidate must make arrangements for at least two recommendation letters to be submitted
directly to the recruitment committee either by email to or by regular mail to
Secrétariat de l’IMSP, 01 BP 613 Porto-Novo, Bénin. (Recommendation letters accessed by the applicant
will be disregarded).
Deadline: July 29th, 2016
How to apply: You can either

Apply online at, or

Email the application materials to, or

Send your application to: Secrétariat de l’IMSP, 01 BP 613 Porto-Novo, Bénin.

A yearly tuition of XOF 352,000 CFA will be collected from students selected into one of the programs.
Contacts: Professors A. Marcos (, L. Todjihounde ( or
J. Tossa (
For more information, please visit our website at:

Deadline :
July 29th, 2016

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