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Sophie Bavay
1 Frome street
Chillawhile backpacker
0210 256 80 96
My Objective: Seeking for a housekeeping job


Responsible, versatile and smiling person
Can work autonomously or in a team
Hard worker: do long day under pressure
Attention of detail
Good team spirit
Ponctual and meticulous
Language: French and English
Able to follow instructions
Like new challenge and quick learner

Work experiences

From 16 June until 28 June 2016:

General deep cleaner
Oceania Dairy, Glenavy, South Canterbury 7980

 Factory deep cleaning

From 2nd of June until 16 of june 2016

woofer in a backpacker hostel
Chillawhile, Oamaru 9400

 House cleaning
 Laundry
 Gardening

From 15 March until 16 April 2016 :

worked as a Apple Picker
John Farm pink ladies donnybrook, WA

 apple picking
 leaf plaking
 general maintenance of the orchard

From 12 November 2014 until 13 March 2016:

worked as a vineyard hand
Diamond Ridge Vineyard, Mullalyup, WA.


trunk cleaning, thinning, prunning, general vine maintenance
wire lifting/dropping
driving tractor
chaser bin driver during harvest
wires repair, trees repairs, general maintenance vineyard system

From 28 October until 11 November 2014:

Woofing in Gardner Family

 cleaning, coooking, watch kids and feeding horses

From 15 August 2014 until 15 September 2014: worked as picker
Wisneski PTY LTD, Curlwaa, NSW.
 orange picking
 tractor driving

From 1st August until 12 August 2014: worked as picker
Sunny's farm, Ningi, QLD.
 strawberrie picking

From August 2009 until June 2014: worked as business advisor
Cofidis Bank, Lille, FRANCE.

credit sales and customer service
account management in unpaid situation
handling inbound and outbound call
debt recovery

Education and training qualifications
2009: Baccalaureat Sales ( Senior High-School degrees )

Sports: gym, swimming and trekking
Leisure: travel, design, art

Kelly: Chillawhile Backpacker owner
Johnny Hearman : Owner and Manager Apple farm
Mike Baker: manager in Diamond Ridge Vineyard
Bill and Sharon Gardner: woofing

027 772 0444
(+61) 973 113 66
(+61) 429 641 626
(+61) 976 411 23

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