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The support given by the
European Commission to
the European Route d’Artagnan shows the consideration of equestrian tourism as a full gentle roaming.
This recognition promotes
the daily work of the regional and departmental
stakeholders of equestrian
The ambitious objective of
the European Route d’Artagnan is to propose an
equestrian and cultural
quality experience, discovering European heritages,
in the footsteps of the famous Musketeer and to
the rhythm of the horses’
18 months are ahead of us
to achieve this project. A

Launch of the project and first Steering committee
After participating to the launch of projects supported by the
European Commision in April, the FFE, coordinator, gathered the 12 public-private partners of the Consortium for
the first steering committee, organised on May, 10 th, in
Paris. The Ministry of Sports, which officially supported the
application during the European call for projects, welcomed
this first Steering committee, formalising the implementation
of the works.
A roadmap, including a planning, a division of tasks and some monitoring tables, has
been given to each partner, before reviewing the works to conduct before the 2 nd Steering committee.

Frédéric BOUIX,
Secretary-General of the
President-founder of AERA

Finalisation of the Belgian layout
The Ligue Equestre Wallonie Bruxelles, in charge of
the belgian part of European Route d’Artagnan’s
layout, finalised its route !
Thus, they digitised 618 km of equestrian routes
divided in thirty stop-overs, enquired the bed and
breakfeats welcoming horses and made recognitions on the field, for the Belgian sections of the
Route Royale and the Route de Madame, the two
principal trails of the European Route d’Artagnan.

Events in Burgundy and Champagne-Ardenne
The village of Champlecy organised on May, 29th a party in honour of Anne-Charlotte de
Champlecy, « Ms. D’Artagnan ». A panel of the European Route d’Artagnan was placed in
the castle.
The village of Sainte-Croix-en-Bresse proposed on June 4 th and 5th a show of the
Lames-sur-Seine and a conference of Odile Bordaz.
The Departmental Committee of
Equestrian Tourism of the Ardennes offered a beautiful parade of
Musketeers to close its Equitour
hiking of June, 4 th and 5th.

To Véronique and Philippe : well done !



The Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE)
benefits from the delegation of public service
from the Ministry of
Sports for the development of equestrian activities, formation and competition.
Thus, it works for the
promotion and the development of all equestrian
tourism activities.

Regional sheets
The Regional and Departmental Committees of Equestrian Tourism are consolidating regional sheets, contributing to the development of the European Route d’Artagnan’s layout.
The routes will become definitive this
summer. The 2 principles axes (Route
Royale and Route de Madame) will be
operational in autumn.
These regional sheets prefigure the content of the European Route d’Artagnan’s
Information to the local authorities
A letter supporting a request for a future
registration of the European Route d’Artagnan’s routes to the local plan for protection and development of hiking trails
was sent to the Presidents of the County
Council in April, 2016. Some local authorities mobilised themselves since that day.

Press Kit
Click on the image on
the right to download the
press kit of the European Route d’Artagnan.
Do not hesitate to share
it in your networks !
Press coverage
To date, 112 articles were dedicated to
the European Route d’Artagnan :
· 8 in international press : England, Italy,
Denmark, Netherlands
· 13 in national press : Aujourd’hui en
France, Direct Matin, Femme actuelle, Le Figaro, Le Parisien...
· 37 in specialised press
· 35 in regional daily press
· 19 on websites
Contribute to the press review by sending
us your publications !

Hiking from Visé to Maastricht
23-24/06/2016 (Belgium-Netherlands)

Created in 2014 in order
to ensure the long-term
governance, the Association European Route
d’Artagnan gathers 7
local authorities, 5 national equestrian federations and 6 associations
linked to the promotion of

Installation of a panel
25/06/2016 in Maastricht (Netherlands)
Opening in the Hautes Pyrénées
10/08/2016 in Artagnan (France)
Hiking to Lupiac-Festival D’Artagnan chez D’Artagnan
12-13-14/08/2016 in Lupiac (France)
Second Steering committee
20/09/2016 in Paris (France)

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